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Rustin Vingers Feb 19
Went down a deep rabbit hole today on the flat Earth theory podcasts. So many questions.
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Linda Bernstein | #Digimentors Feb 14
Replying to @wordwhacker
The theory that Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg is dead still thrives even though she's been recently seen in public. Which is kind of like the continuing conspiracy, even though has no basement.
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TendrilsFresh Feb 19
Whoa, this is is the insane blather from the -right?! Saw comment "Amy Schumer is a transgender." Another called Sandra Bullock a "Satanic bitch." You know, because all Hollywood are transgender and Satanists. Another mentioned . Omg, good luck, friends.
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Phil Llewellyn 18h
Replying to @WhatKatySaid
Chances it’s the same person running both accounts? 👀
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Joe Wise 12h
Personally believe the whole Shamima Begum stuff going on is a distraction from other shit like Brexit!
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Ernie the Great Opiner 9m
Ben with Mars Blackmon and Spike Lee being in the building and a Nike spokesperson and a huge Knicks fan maybe he sabotaged the Nike shoe to explode and then making Zion shut it down for the season and rest up to become a Knick next year.
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Jesse Geschke Feb 19
Doesn't it seem like there's way more "super moons" now than ever before
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cariboohoo 3h
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0point_energy 15h
...making 0-point energy public is opposed by multiple powerful organizations. Trying to tackle them has proven too dangerous...
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the real robert t Feb 12
The difference between a and a is simply how inconvenient it is for people to know the truth.
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Emma-Grayce Feb 19
I’ve been watching conspiracy theories since I got home at 5... Throwing away my phone, becoming a hermit and living off the land.
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Dagan Lampkin 5h
Zion’s Nike’s blew out causing him to get hurt. Jordan brand is produced by Nike. MJ is from UNC. Nike planned this. 😳🤯😂😂 Ok maybe I’m bitter & reaching. Idc.
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Demp Son of YAH Feb 16
Replying to @YAHsJUDGEMENT
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Cardi D-minus🤓™ 5h
Replying to @cgern
The new update made my wife & daughters phones not charge well.
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Santosh Samuel 6h
Replying to @jenga_m2
Strangely enough there’s also been pizza and donuts at my work...
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Bill Docauer Feb 19
No really I want pictures of today and proof that was present. I have only seen a freaking cartoon and in it she looks like she is sleeping. Did they bring her body there ? I need to know
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robert botting 15h
tried to like this but not allowed
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Rep. Robert Kelly 7h
theory: People think someone in the must have tipped off when was swatted at his home. But what if it was actually the that tipped off Stone and he tipped off CNN? How else would he have been ready with those cameras & t-shirt?
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FK Censorship 11h
: What happened to Betty Boop?
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MizpahMoon ❄️🌟❄️🌛 Feb 17
This is the ugly machine we r up against on our public lands. Time 2 stop funneling our tax 💵 in2 2 exterminate federally protected .
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