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Josh Barnett for Congress 7h
I cannot sit back and allow the Democrat party to continue to make Arizona blue by pouring in millions of dollars and not stand up. As one of the fastest growing states in the country, we cannot let their economic policies slow us down.
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James McCorquodale Apr 13
I'm NOT racist, misogynist, homophobic, Islamophobic or bigoted. I AM a Conservative, and I support . I urge all supporters of the : like and retweet this message and speak out against the Liberal fear and smear campaign.
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Cecilia Bartholemew 13h
I hereby formally submit the following motion,on behalf of my assosciation.,for approval at the forthcoming EGM .."We therefore, with great reluctance, ask that she considers her position and resigns, to allow the Conservative Party to choose another leader,'
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Poland In Apr 18
. in cancelled a on its which was to be given by MEP and professor of philosophy Ryszard as a result of from activists and .
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R. V. 10h
Replying to @conservmillen
They will not mention anything that could even be marginally associated with values. It’s a purposeful denial of . Of course, had the attacks been against muslims you would see a different narrative.
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Joanne Grange Apr 19
You know, something's been bothering me about the election leaflet, and in particular the "ambition" to increase visitor numbers to Drayton Manor. I mean - it's a private business. Why should councillors drive the visitor numbers to a private business?
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Ritz James 2 19h
More proof that illegal aliens get more civil rights than American citizens whose ancestors built and fought for this country.
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BeFreeLiveKindly 16h
Well done Femi. Ignore the fantastic progress since 2010. It all means nothing of course because it was a Government that achieved it 🤦‍♂️
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Rugby Conservatives Apr 17
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Chris Freeman 8h
Replying to @BrexitCentral
She and Hammond need to go first!!!
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Chuck Woolery Apr 13
While things never improved under , he always said "We can do better.." We never did under Obama but along comes President and like Magic, things got better. He waved his wand and pulled rabbit out of the hat. Not , just good Leadership.
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Collective Karmic Debt Apr 20
Replying to @paqtasit @2muchfun4me
This is the issue referenced— see SS below—posted an hr ago!! As for Indian Act that piece of APARTHEID legislation — which was exported to SA and used against Africans till it was abolished in 1994– WHY have neither or gov not done the same??
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Timeforchange Apr 21
Also David why don’t you ask for a copy of the reply from HMRC to this letter? You’re missing the relevant story & witnessing undue pressure on RT to maintain reputation which is floundering.
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Simon Bye 🔶 Apr 21
Replying to @JuliaHB1
Ah, so 40% of local councillors support a party with no local policies and that was formed too late to take part in the local elections. I'm sure that will bode well for the party in the first lot of elections next month...
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Elmet&RothwellTories Apr 20
Another birthday today - Happy Thirtieth ! No longer a “young” !!
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Tameena Hussain Apr 18
So having joined the infamous group, today it’s official, I have “resigned” from the local Party 😉
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Peri Hankey 8h
Replying to @PeriHankey
Your first reaction will be disgust at the callous & systematic cruelty of the society that & her Party have set out to create. You may feel it's unfair of me to connect that comfortable bespectacled bloke with the heartlless cruelty of the DWP. But...
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5.5inches 12h
There are children going to school tomorrow who will no longer get a lunch, anyone here doing anything about that, anyone here even care.
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Mark Eastwood Apr 21
Another glorious morning to be out campaigning with Cllr in . Great response from the local residents we spoke to
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Rɪᴄᴋ Fᴀɴᴅᴀɴɢᴏ 14h
Replying to @Conservatives
politics. Whatever the electorates concerns, worries or wants are just purport or bullshit your the champion, the savior, the leading nation in adressing such concerns, worries & wants.
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