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facepalm Sep 15
I’m not one bit surprised by the ol’ “tweet and block by a coward” tactics of the .
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Martyn Walsh Sep 14
Other half orders something online, pays via PayPal. Item never arrives, website disappears and deem it a legitimate transaction
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Franny🌊RIP-Precious Dog Sep 14
Replying to @ProjectLincoln
got A little payback for conning us his entire "presidency." Now Dumpster just needs to be CONvicted. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
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Susie 🇮🇪 Sep 13
Thank you, for making my point for me 👏👏👏
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If you believed that for one second that the biggest/crooked forever going bankrupt loser of all times - 🤡-had you as his best interest when you donated money to his campaign 😂😂😂you’ve been ! 🤡 🤡
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JodyScott lit estate 14h
Economic model Neoliberalism (AKA trickle down) "was not conceived as a self-serving racket, but it rapidly became one"
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Cons & Disunity Party #FBPE #Rejoiner #RIPUK 3.5% Sep 16
But it's nothing compared to British territories. You've been by
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glixyl Sep 16
Replying to @mmkvien @brithume
all are US allies and have had peace for decades. this is a trade deal that they turned into window dressing for morons. while in the US Navy I spent a ton of time in UAE and Bahrain in the 90s. Trump counts on people like you being completely ignorant of the world.
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Spencer Rice Sep 9
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Th.Bonde Sep 12
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
bought the house for $6.7 million, making the total purchase price for the entire estate less than $13 million, when the asking price had been more than $100 million.” 👀
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larzzt Sep 11
Replying to @MeidasTouch
Did y'all vote him in 16 and why? 5 bankruptcy Multiple lawsuits Y'all vote on his of failing to be a successful Y'all were Republicans were you or ?
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Lisabisa Sep 12
And she still not locked up, deplorables.
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Laura peterson Sep 12
Wish I had known all this when we were agreeing pay
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Tobs Sep 17
The Brexit your area voted for has been delivered👇. The UK chose to end its membership of the EU which happened on 31st Jan. Whatever happens next has no link to their vote because they weren’t asked to vote on what non EU membership should/would look like.
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Lisa Herbert 🦋🦋🦋 Sep 11
Replying to @MarieFrRenaud @jkenney
He never has to worrying His way as a politician what would Ralph Klein say to this?
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Neil Sherratt Sep 11
Replying to @PKendrickWIG
Absolutely bloody criminal, managed to give away 10 of the 13th best squad for probably less than it would have cost to buy Antonee Robinson as a Championship player...and we're supposed to believe Choi/Yeung gave up £26m and did nothing wrong and admins got best prices??
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charmin Sep 11
Replying to @therecount
The only line he doesn’t “mouth” is drum roll please.... “under God.” Hmmm. 🙄
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Luuka Na'tan Sep 14
Replying to @VDotard
Trump has conned the majority of Evangelicals into believing he is pro-life and has their same values. They ignore the truth about him and everything they don't like is explained away as fiction or that he is not perfect. Folks, they have been conned and are in a cult.
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Charlie Phillips Images 🐬 Sep 12
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