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HENRY 🥦 2h
Replying to @AndyOstroy
SAD is the Times we live in America under TRUMP, This Country will never Recover and this . WE Citizens must hold ALL of them Accountable.
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Chris Ross 1h
Tom Steyer got some Truth 4 ya.
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quimoi? 11m
Replying to @JoostNiemoller
The dark fake-Emperor....
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Gilles Robillard Jan 18
America's Most Powerful Woman Called Mark Zuckerberg a Crook. Facebook Has No Rebuttal - Just imagine having that woman as President, it would be exactly what America need. - It’s mind boggling that the country elected that
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Tochinoshin Chi (aka Rich) Jan 20
I can’t lie. I’m eagerly awaiting all of the stories about getting laughed and made fun of at DAVOS! He knows NOTHING about money outside of stealing it from people.
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BeagleLuv Jan 17
you are complete scum to emptionally, verbally and admitted to physically abusing this young girl. I cant wait until the day it happens to you. You belong in a psych ward and on your meds
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HENRY 🥦 Jan 18
HE GOT THAT RIGHT FINALLY, But add to the tittle #3
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Lisa Bock Jan 21
I’ve been a story producer in reality TV for 20+ yrs. It’s a niche & we all cross paths with people who worked on The Apprentice. They verify every disgusting rumor you’ve heard about Trump. I’ve been against him BEFORE he opened his mouth at the bottom of that escalator.
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Karwan Jan 18
He visited Sadguru Isha Asram and shocked to see everyone living there were lying to him. Listen to him
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KEITH Jan 17
Replying to @jimsciutto
But, but they fell in love.🤔😏the got played.
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KG Jan 22
NEVER been a president that CUT food stamp programs, healthcare, and education for the children born!
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🌊Merky🔥Watuh 🌊 12h
is right. It isn’t military might, corporate power, the rich, the stock market, or all the $ in the USTreasury that made us the greatest nation in the world. It is our rule of law. Republicans are about to throw it all away for a criminal .
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tRump is a liar cant belive anything he says 2h
Is this a parody account? or do we still have our head so far up the lying clowns 🤡 ass we can’t and won’t see the light if truth is a
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HYDE for U.S. Congress Jan 17
Lev Parnas is a scumbag con artist. Half a dozen people told me to stay away from him after I met him and they saw a picture I posted. He had just asked me to invest in some bs company. According to friends he’s stolen millions from them and others.
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George Hoff 11h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
If you believe that, he has a bridge he’d like to sell you!
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Vivian Leal Jan 22
Thank you for holding down the fort. Conservative Patriots have sold out to corrupt donors they must hide. Worse, they're selling out their constituents & our to a gluttonous . They may get away with it now, but next generation sees them.
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Phil Norris Jan 16
Nero fiddling while Rome burns comes to mind. And we all know if Farage is involved the money will disappear in his pocket if the total not raised, no charity will see a penny Brexit: Fundraising appeal launched for Big Ben chimes
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Lisa (I need a vacation) 14h
Disturbing that he has been so right for so long, agreed. Imagine if and the understood the country like he did! We would never have had a in the white house. ! !
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Tutt McCracken 12h
Replying to @SenatorBraun
Yes, yes there was a quid pro quo/ bribe. Just cuz it didn’t work out how trump wanted it to doesn’t mean that it didn’t happen. “Political death sentence”, ha! It’s no one’s fault but his own. Can’t blame someone else cuz he got caught.
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Lisa (I need a vacation) Jan 22
Replying to @ryanstruyk
LOL! Get outside the bubble man. Everyone knows he is a ! Sad, most republicans thought a con was better than Clinton. But that is where we are.
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