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Justin Ford 3 Jan 11
The wife is doing a skydive this Saturday for a children's charity! Please help and sponsor her at
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Megan Kendrick 24 Feb 14
Spare some change? I’m raising money for Sheffield RAG. Please sponsor me at
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Duane Moore 29 Nov 17
Replying to @nicola_wheeler
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Peter's Commute 14 May 13
You can now get paper sponsorship forms - collect from my locker outside the staffroom. Look 'em in the eye and say !
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Hannah Rowe Mar 12
It's the Mendip Mens Walk this Saturday! There's still time to sign up on the website, or turn up on the day! We start from Wells Cathedral Green, 12 Noon.
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The Puddleduck🦋 3 Aug 15
Arnie wants you to help him ... blow $#!? up!
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luke 13 Sep 11
Replying to @stoner_uk_80
I can always ask should be ok. October 22nd
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Russell Smith 13 Apr 12
I've been roped into doing a topless calender shoot sun to raise money for anybody fancy it?
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Ian Evans 29 Jun 12
Replying to @LauraKateD
hell no you owe me a pound dude! :)
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Versace_Sports8 20 Jun 13
Replying to @Buccigross
if people hate you over a t shirt they need more than that t shirt like a lot of help. ?
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AshleyDurrant 18 Aug 13
well that escalated quickly. Don't know why people are getting funny over us starting a team?
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Destiny LeFemme 2 May 14
@GillianJacobs No she betta don't!! You're one of my fav peeps on lived for you on
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Justin Randles 15 Nov 13
I don't think claiming excuses for such an atrocious tash!
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