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Tek Roo 25 Dec 13
Replying to @FerretParade
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Ethan Zonca 30 Jan 14
Both of the 5m RGB LED strips I ordered from China for a ridiculously low price have some problems
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B.Couture 31 May 16
Open heart surgery - the patient lives again!
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Shenzhen Grande Jun 26
How can cold solder joints be prevented? One is improper production process; The other is burn-in phenomenon; Thus we should pay more attention to the production process and board washing(cold solder joints can be founded)...
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Andreas Ott ️ 25 Jan 18
Replying to @NathanLee @upulie
The tip of this soldering iron looks mighty big for SMD work. Or maybe they tried to show how are made?
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