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Christopher Murphy 13h
I have figured out the true meaning of life. It's so simple. !!! Noone person, gender or ethnicity is better than the other. We all bleed the same, we all hurt the same and we all love the same.
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⚾ Savage In The Box ⚾ Jul 21
So tolerant, so loving, so caring...
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yoga chakra 24h
🧡Let go of the past so you can enjoy the now
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Sumeer Sinha Jul 21
Replying to @DoerteDev @springrod
Man, ok to disagree but you must be way up ur rear to disagree like this on a public forum, I c the point by on obvious performance gain, & think, if designed well enough, sp can still be tested with code, y oppose views in db?
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bbradsby Jul 18
Critics like myself do not love America any less than those with opposing points of view. Indeed, criticism had a long and storied history in the United States to make the country better and stronger.
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Huskabees Jul 19
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Amy Prosser Jul 20
More Left-Wing Intolerance and Discrimination. 🙄
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UnreservedB Jul 17
Replying to @Razarumi
In UK, we !!! Get over it!
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Mello Jul 19
Replying to @tonyposnanski
LMFAO! There goes the bumper stickers on all those Liberal cars😭
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IG @AnyaSterling704 10h
Replying to @livingforjc
As much as I enjoy the laughs from this tweet y'all need to realize that these are her beliefs according to the Bible and Christianity. If you don't believe the same that's fine. But in her religion she's right. So y'all chill TF out.
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Jason Dayaratne Jul 20
Contemplate the agreement in the persistence of kindheartedness and benevolence without becoming a victim of those eager to take unfair advantage or mishandle it
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The Judge Jul 15
"Amdeen and Weidknecht's story is one America needs to hear, but rarely surfaces in modern media: Americans with very different political beliefs not only acting civil toward one another, but actually becoming friends."
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EarthAngel 🇺🇸 Jul 18
Gotta love the safe space gentle ❄️’s of the looney liberal left who comment and running to their hidy hole and blocking you from responding immediately. That’s the crowd for ya!
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Iceman Vertigo Jul 20
💯💯💯 I mean....its not like this is mutually exclusive.
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Bono ❤️ Jul 15
Made that 3 years ago today after the Nice attacks. But it’s still very actual.
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My Name Here Jul 17
Hardliners of all kinds are toughening their opinions and positions through divisive rhetoric, or sometimes actions, to our collective detriment as a civilization and species. We will either all live together, or we will all end up dead together. We must learn how to
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🌎 Jul 13
Replying to @gadhri @scrowder
Although our political views and opinions are on opposite ends of the spectrum, I believe we can still get along.
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Patricia Wales Jul 20
Replying to @KTHopkins
Sorry, why do we need to defend it? Because Christians are as pure as the driven snow? Pffft.
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🧠✨نازیہ Jul 20
FOR THE GODS: "A Woman in harmony with her spirit is like a river flowing. She goes where she will without pretence and arrives at her destination prepared to be herself and only herself.” - Dr. Maya Angelou
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Geeky Peeples Jul 19
More more more sandiegocomiccon2019 ❤️ ❤️ @kithset funkofiends funkofiends_na @funkofiendsmw…
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