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Adrian Searle 2m
Great piece that vividly describes the lifetimes of consequences of
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Female Suicide 16h
3 women a week kill themselves to escape domestic abuse. 7 women a week kill themselves after they've left. I expect the true numbers are higher. has longterm impact.
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Helen Walmsley-J 3h
'Shame is the key'. It really is. Shame is what shuts us up and it's a hard habit to break but break it we must. I explored it for a little while ago when I was doing a lot of thinking on the subject.
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H 15h
Replying to @DACoordinators
Sadly the police were not aware of the dangers when my son’s killer decided to attempt to kill his ex and killed him.
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D.V. Bears Feb 17
The lack of laws in Northern Ireland, including , breaches International Human Rights Laws. Are you currently doing anything about it ?
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Being Controlled By Feb 19
7 days have passed since MyAbusiveAngel took the kids abroad As she will not agree to a specific time for me to Facetime with them, contact is a few minutes on some days, or none It is just another weapon in her arsenal of control So sad
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Julia Rowlands 2h
There was nothing more agonising in my professional career as telling a woman who had escaped domestic violence that her children were being removed ANYWAY as she’d failed to protect them
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Jeanette Harrison Feb 12
threaten to quit their jobs as a form of over the victim. It’s abusers way of making victim feel guilty and blaming victim for standing up for herself or doing anything abusers don’t like.
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Fiona Bowen 18h
Interesting and important event on from Centre for Women’s Justice this evening. Comments from Prof Evan Stark and David Challen particularly compelling
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Replying to @SandraSpeerPhD
I'm trying to raise awareness too, needs talking about And Facebook INVISIBLE ABUSE. Let's all stand together.
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StandTallBreathDeep Feb 17
These late winter Bright light mornings Bring Sharp scrutiny Of journeyed lives To date No simple grief Deep set To miss A mourning Of what was precious Kind Rather A chaos Confusion A twisted reality Jangled memories Loss undefined
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Celinda Olive 19h
The episode before the most recent of Law and Order: SVU is quite explicitly covering the subject of -- so, so important.
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Katie Royle 4h
I'm trying to raise the awareness of control and coersive behaviour though INVISIBLE ABUSE which I have only just set up myself together we can do 8t
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David Challen Feb 16
Now is the time to bring greater understanding and awareness of the serious affects of control as well as to the duty of the courts to recognise it. Our appeal is supported by:
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Jennifer Brown Feb 18
Replying to @jambogil @doddracher
CC has a lot2answer 4. This is what happens when Public Bodies/servants care nothing abt duty towards public interest only own self interest with no regard 4 Such actions multiplied under
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David Challen Feb 17
On the 27th and 28th February our mother’s landmark appeal of the murder of our father will ask the courts to recognise the life long abuse she suffered at his hands. Join us: 9.30am, Royal Courts of Justice, Strand
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Samantha Billingham 19h
I really felt Sinead's pain tonight, charming to the outside world but controlling behind closed doors. Laurie makes my blood boil, especially when having his photo taken with the cheque for the women's refuge. Great storyline
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DASH Risk Model Feb 18
Masterclass: understand and identify , tactics and tools abusers use 👇🏼how to identify risk & apply the law, March 27 with expert who campaigned for the law and helped write the guidance. To book email
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Being Controlled By 2h
I am definitely amongst the one in six men who is suffering So many of us from both genders.
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FHS Psychology & Criminology Feb 19
Replying to @Psych_Crim6th
These were the charges in September 2017. The other images were the final sentences. Only 3 of the 17 offences were admitted to in Court. First female prosecution for Alex is amazing for speaking out, very brave and now helping others going through similar.
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