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Lad Nasty 5h
you have been a great ambassador of the game of hockey and for the . Best of luck in your second career and may Charleston always feel like home.
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N C 25m
is coming on on Thursday❣❣💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾🙋🏾‍♀️
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dillon bailey 14h
I had a feeling he would reply to you Brian!Matt's great with his fans. Favorite celebrity reply I've ever gotten. Tweeted him after the Colts game where he played while very sick and threw multiple TD's for the win. Took him 2 years to reply, but he did! Says alot.
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Brad Redman 5h
Replying to @townbrad @swish41
Just two letters different between words ‘class’ and ‘ass’ - but, great distance between one and the other
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Kelly Daniels 5h
Braves family we are all in this together. You guys don’t trash players, you post funny tweets out of frustration . That’s why I follow this classy bunch of crazies.
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Scott Trent 12h
Replying to @thejaynebrook
Thank You, Ms. Brook. Please keep us posted!
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Graham Bolger 22h
Replying to @premierleague @ManUtd
Rooney kissing the United crest against Everton 😱😱
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T 3h
for sure a powerhouse for sure like yourself
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John Najev 3h
5'4" 🇨🇦 "Gr8 things come in small packages!" Congrats on your personal & professional achievements 2 date
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Joe 15h
Replying to @SkySportsPL
What a utter class and kind gesture from Bernardo there
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Kay Mitchell Emigh 12h
A great role model of an athletic administrator. Always took the time to thank the Athletic Trainers during the PAC/AMCC Swimming & Diving Championships
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Todd Blackwell 20h
Replying to @VandenbergFOX
I’m in Legend
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Todd Skrove 11h
How can anyone possibly not cheer for success in this playoff series?
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Nilliam 10h
Thanks for the tip of the cap.
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David Walker 39m
Albert Pujols moves into MLB’s Top 5 Career RBI Leaders 😃
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AmyLynn Hunt 19h
Replying to @davidfholt
Also interesting that our sad anniversary falls on Easter weekend, I can't remember if that happened before. Thank u for somehow completely honoring that loss & cheering on our bball team You're a great Mayor, and a lovely person. My parents & I respect you so much!
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Michael jodrey 5h
Also would like to give a shoutout to for letting getting in some reps with them on the field !
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1 15h
I'll never get tired of this movie.
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Gary Kochan 2h
nuff said
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Dana Laughlin 6h
is soooo beautiful, inside and out
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