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Aídan Jun 17
Well that's a first: just found out I've been quoted in a book. Problem is it was a Google+ link that's now dead. I don't know whether it's worth buying the book just to find out the quote.
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SBS Community Choir Jun 12
OK, you have now well and truly trumped what I thought was my own impressive , that being that Alan Rickman’s cousin made my wedding dress. I bow out. I am not worthy.
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Andrea 🌼 Power Jun 17
Replying to @smithdown
I worked with Dave Watson's sister for a day that very same year. It was a Friday 😊
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Katieeee 💫 Jun 16
Just found out when my dad was a Vicar he met Ronnie Kray when my dad was visiting Broadmoor Hospital to talk to the inmates LOL wtf??
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molls Jun 14
solardo touched me
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Ala  آلاء Jun 17
Replying to @OwenJones84
I think I went to school with Owen in Stockport.
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Lisa Francesca Nand 8h
Replying to @iainlee @PaulMcCartney
My brother played guitar on Rod Stewart’s recent album. He recorded it in Rod’s living room. Penny made them a cuppa
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C-side citizen Jun 13
Replying to @purplehassan
Nice pics my friend. Brother in law trained Scott in his early days
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Claim to Fame 14h
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naomihall. Jun 15
My Dad’s taxi on tonight.
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andrea_mich💫 Jun 16
Replying to @Robadam69
We'd all love a speedboat 🚤 I worked in a hotel and once gave Mr Bowen a wake up call! "Good morning Mr Bowen it's 7 o clock.This is your wake up call! Thought you needed to know that!😂
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Zane Francescato Jun 15
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Amy Moore Jun 14
There are few things I'm certain of in life. One of them is that I'm the most haphazard and inefficient lawn mower in my state. Yup. I'm the champion of that. What's your ?
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Ananya Upendran Jun 15
Yo ! When did you change states?! 😅😂 Looks like everyone wants a piece of you.
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Edward Curlett Jun 16
Wow you met Oscar from the American office
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lee Jun 14
I was sat next to Jas when she tweeted this
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DA🐝🐝🇬🇧 Jun 16
Replying to @VinnieJones65
Took my preliminary coaching badge with you at Aldershot and keep telling people what a good bloke you were!! 👏👏👏
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Georgie Smith Jun 11
Just found out one of the love island contestants plays for the rugby club I did my placement at last year 😆
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Montecarlo Catpants Jun 16
Replying to @Iwanski
He lasted ten days in the Trump White House.
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Tom Chitty Jun 11
When you realise a girl you met at a signing about 4/5 years ago is not verified on Twitter.
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