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ATX Music Office Nov 16
City Hall Sessions: was told at the age of 11 that girls should not play the saxophone 🎷 but she didn't let that stop her. Hear more about the world-renowned musician's journey in the latest episode of Sessions. Watch Ep. 20:
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justina colmena Nov 17
Replying to @johnson_carrie
The US is not, at this time, actually at war with Russia. What is she supposed to plea to, other than a generally conservative political activism, which is not, in and of itself, illegal, even for a Russian national in the US? What about Anna Chapman &c, "spying" on NY ?
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Amanece Nov 16
Something bad @ if you are a man carrying a backpack or briefcase you have to walk out through a docking entrance (no signs) I saw women with purses larger than my briefcase happily going through main entrance. Profiling like ?
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RK4Dev 10h
must take to raise citizens awareness about challenges we have to face. It’s about that should start from the younger years . And you ,…
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Str8 Money Kdog 54m
Didnt get to make it to but I was invited to see today at to get his day in the city by . to **** ●●●● ...
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Jeffrey Stonehill Nov 15
Planning & Zoning Commission to review proposal from developer to build a on btwn & Bank on Tuesday, Dec-4 at 7pm in Fourth Floor Community Room in new Utility Departments Addition to . Use rear lot entrance/elevator.
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Marie Kate Francis 8h
Looking forward to the tomorrow at focusing on ‘Raising our Children: The Future of Residential Care’. Anyone else in the Twittersphere also attending?
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Tiernan Shank Nov 13
Brendan Jensen says if the City Hall moved out of its current building, they probably wouldn’t be downtown and TPAC might not survive
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justina colmena Nov 12
Replying to @Reuters
I don't even know what it is, but if is fighting against it, it must be a good thing.
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MRJ3 Nov 10
My "The Light Dragon" will have be re-run February 2019 at Central . Taking the opportunity to brush things up! A big shout out to my research assistant Ingrid for not just…
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I wonder what City Hall would have looked like had not the nighttime janitor accidentally bumped into the table with the mini display on it.
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TobyGotesmanSchneier Nov 10
Replying to @mariashriver
Thought somehow this might interest you... I opened at 2 days ago... Your photo made me think of the myriad ways people become homeless...
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Alexander Rapaport Nov 16
Dear ., We can not join you, we can only watch. Please change the public entering policy then we might be able to get in. It is easier to get in to the Republican controlled capital buildings in DC. cc
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justina colmena Nov 11
Replying to @nytimes
is not real America. It is the enemy within.
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Emma O'Brien❄️ 13h
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Blossom K. 23h
Enjoying a while watching this celebrations lit up this building goes back in History proposed to be built by 1876 due to the high cost was…
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Saugasson 7h
Look at yer face, looking at me look like you saw a ghost 👻 in designer clothes no_ac.cess you just doing the most • • • @ Mississauga City Hall
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Sebastian Stoker Nov 13
Had another discussion w the 's office RE the absolutely atrocious behavior of and / . Next step, they are to talk to folks at . This is air tight. It ain't going away.
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Ruchika Nov 14
Replying to @TorontoComms
Bloody love it! City's got some chutzpah. (rather, use less)
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Sebastian Stoker Nov 10
Replying to @SebastianStoker
Now I am seeing a resurgence on my own street AND the same crap happening on my mothers. , , drags its feet and seems to side with scofflaws against complainants. It takes months, even years, to stop serious problems.
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