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Everton Basher 3h
Did you see Mason Holgate go down holding his face like he'd been uppercutted by Mike Tyson. ? Cheating of the highest order. Premier league chiefs need to look at that and give him a 9 match ban. No place in football for that.
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Tam Hardie Jan 17
he has spoken. Full clip, watch his interview at the end
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WomensPowerCen 10h
Encyclopedia with a difference site Is love causing more probs-STD preg sex slavery adultery or hatred-stabbings suicide bombings war
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Luke Turner 9h
I’m sure you made a social media rule and said action would be taken well........ surely this is braking your rule you made
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Replying to @SnookerHQ
He has always been an arrogant person and this just adds to his list of poor conduct around the baize. Zero respect for his fellow players and now the Referees. He is the Patrick Reed of Snooker.
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andria Jan 16
New nudes for married dudes need to show proof
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InfamousMcDarter180 Jan 17
Ali Carter has become the most unlikeable player on the snooker circuit after that disgraceful incident with the yellow yesterday.
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Kev Jan 17
Missed this, Ali Carter doing Ali Carter things.
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Brian MacPhee Jan 17
I think this is funny!
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✌🏼🦁 MichelleInHell 🔥🔮 16h
Vote at your county registrars office. THEY ARE GOING TO TRY TO ...AGAIN. Lets flood them with millions of early votes for DONT WAIT FOR MARCH 3RD.
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Buddy's Birthday coming on 22ndFeb @Picsnarts22 🍮 Jan 15
If word "Dhoka" had a face 😂😂😂
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Declan Connolly Jan 16
Ali Carter very, very unlikeable snooker player
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rajanjag8 Jan 16
Replying to @snizz1986
Pads and gloves weren’t on properly.
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David Morris Jan 17
Replying to @BBCMOTD
I’m surprised he could walk that far across the car park without falling over
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SaintsFc77 13h
Replying to @L1minus10
Mr Glen. 9. RAÚL cheating bastard Game of two half’s. Cédric good first half,
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Sports in the Big Apple Jan 17
This has been one crazy ass fucking offseason 😂😂😂😂.
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Gareth Jan 16
These snooker officials are a disgrace and Carter should let the referee do her job.
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Mehboob Alimohamed Jan 16
Dear referee here is how you know a player has hit a ball 1. you hear the contact 2. you see the movement. At no point point is it because Ali Carter says so!
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Rip Nottmeyer Jan 17
What are your thoughts ? Actually, what are RANDY KARRAKER'S thoughts? I just can't imagine that the "Father of the Steroids" era would also be dabblin' in this. Can you, Randy?
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Sara Jan 16
Cocky cheat! Maybe you should take the referee role instead considering you think you know it all! How pathetic ! !
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