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ranvir singh 4h
Looking forward to seeing the graduating students today !
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PiggyFacedMcSlutFace 4h
Replying to @SkyNews
Hope the has good sound insulation
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Rillie♥ Jul 11
As you can see in my book on America, it may be better to reconsider your housekeepers. It is recommended. 2nd=NG,poison-boy (yesterday dish, too. 12:03,matched. 4th one's=Adhesi( ´∀`)つ≡≡≡ON)Д`)with SHAQ-havaz in the US-arrested men,tho) GER
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ProphetCedric👑 Jul 13
I’m grateful I get to serve nationally in both my personal ministry and my reformation!
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M N A Jul 12
“Does Merkel travel too much?” asked mass-selling daily Bild on Friday as fret about the health of their , who sat rather than stood at a on Thursday after shaking for the third time in as many weeks when standing a day earlier.
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Proto Thema English Jul 10
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Siamak-Davari Jul 10
was seen visibly shaking on Wednesday as she met with Finland's prime minister. It's the third time in less than a month the shaking was caught on camera. .
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paul howey Jul 15
The man is a joke.... instead of looking to, trying to, planning to succeed outside the EU... this buffonic, anti democratic doomsayer is doing his damnedest to make it fail... just so he can say "I told you so".
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7D News Jul 10
Merkel’s Health Problems are Stirring the Government
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M N A Jul 11
sat down rather than standing at a ceremony on Thursday, a day after a third bout of shaking in three weeks raised over her , but said she was taking care of her health.
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Jim C 13h
May it please the court, a submission from the . A couple of to end the night! and the new made in partnership with
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(85Kr) Jul 11
for , or , or.... up to you. Great captain!
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Bigkevin G Jul 14
If you think the country is in a mess now just wait to see what happens if backs to become even people in her constituency say she is if she becomes chancellor we really will be screwed
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Hyperspace Jul 9
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Gaurav Rohila Jul 10
has third bout of shaking. As a Leader she will never surrender against any health condition by herself but as a Follower and well wisher one must ask her to take a break and take good care of health.
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warns of 'lack of control' over no-deal Brexit ⭐
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: The Angela is coming to and . Together with the prime minister of and the of , she plans to visit one of the company's .
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Atam Verdi Jul 8
Replying to @sajidjavid
Congrats on the new job as
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PIMS Landlords Jul 14
Incoming chancellor will face onslaught to change BTL tax policies
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Daniel Dean Jul 13
So rumours about becoming and becoming are gathering pace. Both would be enormously positive appointments for cabinet. Short term headwinds but mid to longer term gains.
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