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Ryan Griscti Jan 19
When you’re too lazy to accept your e-transfers and they expire, it’s nice when your friends still have you covered
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Ξ888Ξ Jan 13
Replying to @khunFYP
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barry gray 9h
Replying to @mrasaunders
Shirt up for auction on ebay tonight
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divide and conquer at multiple manufacturing facilities and non-profit organizations to support the drive toward operations excellence. ,
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Vincent Riddell Jan 9
Replying to @Bitcoin @tipprbot
Glad to have you back! $2
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Trucker Jeff Jan 1
Replying to @FlyingDogSol
Lending is harming way more then helping, especially Truckers!!!
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garydfaulkner Jan 12
What the World's Central Banks are Saying about ?
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Aaron Wellmann Jan 18
Hey Dave! Got a book you might like. What do you think? 😂
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David Lewis Jan 17
Paul -Here is the link I mentioned. Had only a squint at the accounts but the increase in construction contract receivables exceeded the gross profit for the year, hindsight's a wonderful thing I know! But .
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Susana Cedeno Butts Jan 2
bought a vitamix paid cash and cc. Refunded same day and could not get my cash back really?
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Mishi Choudhary Jan 8
The anonymity that cash offers works for rich and poor equally. I don't want to live in a world where you monitor every transaction, each action, then decide I can't order pizza bcoz its unhealthy or I am too poor to afford it.
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susan Dec 31
Replying to @teemac60 @ShaunKing
The reason some CA Cities have banned legal marijuana sales is to protect the illegal sellers in their city. They operate out of apts, paying their rent in cash💸 Landlords pocket that cash💸 giving some to the City Council💸 in return for no enforcement.
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Golf Starz Jan 6
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ATM Machines Jan 18
... It continues to be important for people who are concerned about . It continues to be king 😊
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Dave Hoj Jan 4
They didn't have the bank access before either
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Joseph Byrom Jan 19
BAHAHA!!!! Ummmm no...... Debt free 2018!!! Thanks, but no thanks
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Shaun Duffy Jan 6
I think we are entering into an era where players will seek to purposely run down their contracts to get a lucrative move or significantly improved terms. A new breed of mercenary is about to be spawned and many will be distinctly average!
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96Cats98 4h
Replying to @CincinnatiZoo
Only allowed outside when it is 50 degrees or warmer..... unless there is cash to be made.
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Trucker Jeff 6h
Replying to @CompareCards
Gain control of your life by becoming debt free! can help with a plan that works... For free!
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Lou Perrine's 7h
Just lowered the gas price...⛽️💵👑 Cash: $2.35 / Credit: $2.50
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