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Workers Health & Safety Centre 17h
Front-line correctional officers are experiencing an increase in violent assaults resulting in many suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and struggling with other mental health issues.
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Naureen Rizvi Apr 18
Canadians can't allow to keep going down this path of outsourcing. We must demand that tomorrow's telecom jobs are good jobs that workers can rely on.
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Gil McGowan 17h
This thread! Drop the mic! “The poor aren’t poor because they’re dumb or lazy and the rich aren’t rich because they’re smart and hardworking... Wealth is rarely a measure of anything except how big of a head start you had.”
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PODCAST - 'A New Kind of Union' - new book released this week explores the first five years in the often turbulent history of Unifor. A conversation with author Fred Wilson
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Erika Shaker 19h
"....and the Ford taketh away."
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Canadian Labour Apr 19
A national pharmacare plan must include 5 KEY elements. Canada's unions are committed to making sure the federal government gets this right - and you can help! Learn more at    #cdnpoli#cdnhealth
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cameron johnstone Apr 19
Nation Security Advisor John Bolton is trying to re-live 1961 costing Cubans & cruise workers jobs. New US travel restrictions to ban cruise ships sailing to Cuba #
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Canadian Labour Apr 17
A feel good movie we need : Watch the trailer of a new musical that chronicles the birth of Canada’s union rights. STAND! is a new film hitting the big screen in 2019.
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Randy Slepchik Apr 18
Well this is shameful. The company that runs the Crowne Plaza Niagara Falls Hotel & Rainforest Cafe evicted a UK tourist & his young daughter for supporting a strike against them. Now they half-apologize it &- big surprise- blame their workers:
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Amy MacPherson 9h
Replying to @theJagmeetSingh
16/25 When I was young I used to work with & , but as I aged I departed to the big tent because left-wing idealism spawned too much infighting to get anything significant accomplished My issues, like yours, couldnt afford to be shelved over egos
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Bill Cole Apr 19
Preparing talk on negotiating health care - did you know there’s a move towards “defined contribution” structures in place of “defined benefits” - same vulnerabilities for end users as we see in the pension world. Begs the well do you know your plan?
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MayWorksOttawa Apr 19
On April 28, join a launch of Winnipeg 1919: The Strikers’ Own History of the General Strike, featuring who has a new intro in the book on the lessons of 1919 for today. Co-Sponsored by .
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Erika Shaker 10h
'In his TV show Servant of the People, once elected...Zelensky's character throws himself into the task of cleaning out political deadwood in the govt & breaking down the deep connections between the politicians & the country's oligarchs'
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Anthony Marco Apr 17
Let resort know that their shameful action of kicking room guests out of their hotel just for supporting picketers at the Rainforest Cafe, makes them human rights abusers who are denying the right to freedom of expression.
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Lana Payne 15h
Leaving this here for those who still question why we need strong unions and why right to work states lead in workplace safety violations, injuries and fatalities. No one to hold employers to account.
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Erika Shaker 18h
new reality: 'larger class sizes, fewer options for students, fewer teachers in every school, more kids in classes they don't want, many more multigrade &/or multi-level classes, some courses offered only online'
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Don't miss out on 's launch of 'A New Kind of Union' at on April 25th 7PM. Important lessons to be learned from 's formation and growth for trade unionism everywhere.
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Workers Health & Safety Centre Apr 19
The worker was injured after getting knocked to the ground by steel pipe tubing. An investigation revealed that the company didn't take the reasonable precautions of putting up a barrier or signage to ensure the event did not occur.
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Lana Payne Apr 19
Like duh. THIS WAS the POINT
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Rick Barnes Apr 18
Thousands of Canadians have lost much of their pensions since Trudeau became PM. Companies go bankrupt, are permitted by law to put off making pensions whole. When they go bankrupt, the banks get their money first. Workers and pensioners last. That's wrong.
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