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TVTodd 📺🌎🇺🇸 #VoteBlue2020 10m
Can we put to rest the myth that there is a ton of content out there? Yes, there are 500 cable channels, but 440 of them are infomercials. 😒
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StreamGawd Sep 13
Unloaded Folks are catching on now. 6 months of streaming at a price lower than 1 month of tv🤣😂 The Gawd wins every damn time Welcome to Cord Cutting University
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Cable Tapes Uk Ltd Sep 10
We have 16 vertical tapers & one horizontal taper machines, making Cable Tapes UK the largest sub-contract taping capacity in the UK with a capacity of 1.6 million meters per week of mica taped conductor. We can tape cable up to 185sq mm
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Kennys Room Sep 13
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Dorou Cable (Shanghai) Co., Ltd Sep 11
Best-selling flex power/ control/ data for industrial automation
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We cut the cord…to
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CendyChang Sep 8
Professional OEM factory assembly#PCB assembly#Box Build
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Gabriel Barrandeguy Sep 13
@ Ohio / Kentucky State Line - Covington, Kentucky
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Alice Holden Sep 12
U.S. News and Caring publish online assisted living directory – News
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TomFX Sep 13
, when I finished with the other day under 1.23 I didn't go long, even tho. didn't even look, just glad to be done. ya see, it's all in the head. they don't have a head
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Cable Tapes Uk Ltd Sep 13
Key Properties for Copper Laminate Tapes Protects from mechanical damage, moisture & corrosion Prevents electromagnetic & electrostatic interference Electrical insulation Supplied in pads or traverse wound spools Standard/ lubricated
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Patagioenas flavirostris Sep 8
shorts gonna get squeezed? Think so!
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Otto von Bismarck Sep 13
Replying to @ESPNNFL @espn
This sucks put it on ESPN or espn2 some of us dont have the money to waste on espn+. Only trash on espn+ is some garbage soccer games!
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Friday the 13th - A Brexit Update, by Stuart Cowell The is up strongly, showing a near 1% gain on the day versus both the Dollar and Yen, and up 0.6% in the case against the Euro. has printed a seven-week peak at 1.2455. Article➡️
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No Context Nostalgia Critic Sep 13
Call 911 when the cable goes out. Only reason to!
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Phillip Sevy @ Rose City - BB05! 3h
Did a small sketch and got a wee carried away. I’ll always do a bit more on xmen pieces cause I just love them.
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Sheila Strickland 17h
Watching at my sis' house reminds me why I haven't had cable for 30 years.
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Telecommunications News & Topics Sep 12
Well thought out policy could encourage this investment. Regulatory requirements having nothing to do with infrastructure would do the opposite. Seen it on the local level....
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Kaico Labs Sep 14
Our Kaico DreamCast to HDMI adapter has been revised! Its now better than ever with additional components to ensure a crisp clear and central image on your TV. Available on Amazon from 01/OCT
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Jack Harris Sep 13
🤝 boost its presence in Australia through partnership with Optus - The Drum
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