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Welcome Back Trotter 9h
Replying to @Boiarski @pelosi
IDK what Ip Man is ??? I hope u's correct about feather duster, but I really don't like trying to argue against something she seems not to fully understand. That is scary for me. I languished thru her doing it with & sensed then as now that she fears the I process.
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Megan Apr 18
Home for the long weekend
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🐝+ ❄️🐑🌎 🇪🇺🇬🇧🙄 #FBPE #FBR #PeoplesVote 45m
Tell me this isn’t a daddy thing…
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Sébastien Epiney Apr 21
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Joshua R. Peery Apr 20
was J Harden at the with you last night!?!? 🤣😂
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DianeE 7h
Congratulations!!! America could use some more quality stock! 💗
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Gregory Morales 6h
Replying to @pasdirtz
Or simply for the government’s to pay back the what called from all the funds that misappropriated from that workers’ trust fund
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Rob Loch 9h
Stick it Bill your are big fat stopped listening to you years ago as many other did as well. That’s why your business went down no more more
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Tea2Spill 9h
In foriegn countries under the lies and deception of fake intel - not enough money in the world for me nor any family member....
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Well so call mate done it to the Brumbies the ones that have been there since the movie man fromSnowy River talk to him about that What's next? 💝
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K 7h
Hey did you know that Prescott Bush, father of President HW Bush, was involved in a plot to overthrow FDR and bring about a dictatorship?
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BUSH Apr 15
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