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Jonesin’ Nov 13
Ahh, now i cant vent about bball without losing followers on my real account
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Jason Usborne Nov 17
Replying to @American_hero @cspanwj
You are a aren't you?
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Yahya Ahmed 20h
is this ur ffs
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Duke Pickett 10h
Hello , I am up in you. Loving the influence in town. Where's my crew? Let's party.
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Dan Griffin Nov 14
my theories are unsmoked however one is that this the account of one o o aka 💯
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Baltur UK Nov 15
Baltur UK delivers first-class customer service, supporting heating engineers in the successful delivery of solutions for commercial and industrial and applications. To speak to one of our team, call 01480 477066 or email 📞📩
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Joe Byrne Nov 13
5 followers and unwilling to reveal his identity.
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BL Blank Nov 15
Replying to @YahooSportsNBA
KD, is this you? 😂🤔
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Skinny Zeke (burner) Nov 5
Lottery style for the teams missing the playoffs, lower in the standings = higher odds. Hopefully tweeting this doesnt expose my account to my league
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chris Nov 15
Replying to @Conservachrist1
Did you just make this account to respond to Lebron comments also? lol
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Groove Website Agency 13h
Toyota will use hydrogen burners to reduce factory emissions
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bosfan14 Oct 31
Replying to @_BENisJAMIN_
The irony
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Andrew Lau Nov 5
Score! TFW when you put zero effort repurposing bits from your wardrobe and still win best dressed at your office party. None of the other males had a chance! 😂 @…
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It's Come Home Nov 2
Replying to @tevitapangaijnr
What if it was Paul White though
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Big Red Machine Nov 3
Replying to @SultanOfShame
What a
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Rachael Constantine Nov 6
Happy Halloween! ashtonnicolej I love spending my free time with you, your amazing! 📸:
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rezayi sara Nov 15
Garmiran MFG Co. Gas type burners GNG90/40 Heat capacity 400,000 -4,400,000 kcal/h applicable with steam boiler tel:00985136516591
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Steven Ngati Nov 2
Y'all check out my cousin puttin' in work against the number 6th team in the state last week! He has real next level speed and whatever college he ends up at is getting a straight burner!
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Tony Koehl Nov 5
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Burner Nov 12
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