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Julian 17h
Replying to @NickyAACampbell
made me laugh as do many of the
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Roy Peck 8h
Replying to @WOWT6News
Should help New York’s ballooning state deficit. Nice to see Cuomo blamng Trump for the mass exodus from his overtaxed state and begging at the White House. AOC and him will soon have all of New York to themselves.
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John Doherty Feb 16
Replying to @seanhannity
I love the finish the wall signs. Not one foot of new wall has been built under the Trump administration. Funny how the wall wasn't an emergency when the GOP had absolute control over government. Somehow they couldnt get it done with a GOP congress,senate & potus !
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Amanda Holden Jun 16
Just finished watching this incredible documentary.Amazing piece of work. Michael is innocent, no doubt in my opinion,his family were wonderful .You were outstanding.The DA, prosecution & judge came across as !I hope their current careers are under review!
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ColoradoMarine Feb 16
Replying to @ananavarro
I usually agree with you Ana, however, these two women are not a good representation of African-American views. No surprise by the network they chose!
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Ewen Macgregor Nov 9
Email late on “fancy a trip to to see the play with some corporate hostility thrown in?”
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donald Feb 14
On the bright side, at least our country’s not the only one with self-serving posing as ‘leaders’...
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Winston Hill Feb 8
Please take and on that flight
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Jim Cornette 7 Nov 17
How about DON'T SHOOT THE FUCKIN' ANIMALS? Your right to a barbaric "hobby" doesn't trump MY right to not get shot in public.
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Dave Hutchinson Nov 7
Replying to @JohnJCrace @FunSoph
I’m still astonished that anyone thinks that the people running our country have the faintest clue about what they are doing? In any other job they would be fired for complete incompetence
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Candis Cayne Jul 12
Omg the are so stupid lol is meeting with ,,,,,,His handler, and the “party of national security” is cheering him on lol.
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John Soanes Feb 9
Actually, they addressed many items on the laundry list from memory as they were denied access to any of their documents, calendars, etc. Sorry to disappoint, I voted Green in the last 3 elections - won't make that mistake again should sticj to stories about luggage 🤣
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Richard Smith Aug 30
And it will cost at least £5 billion to replicate what we already have. #PeoplesVote
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Bullshire Police Mar 22
Replying to @able2uk @HantsPolice
Evening. Are you still enjoying your humble pie? We think you ought to delete this inflammatory 'Tweet' because, quite frankly, it's making you look stupid and quite possibly losing supporters of your otherwise commendable venture.
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brian casper Feb 14
i’m honestly shocked that you’ve made it to whole weeks without a power failure already
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Bullshire Police Apr 11
Replying to @Bradford_TandA
This truly is cutting edge so-called 'Journalism'. How much does the equipment to print your cost? How much does the bog roll cost to print your on? This is a non-story. Try again.
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Gregory Morales Feb 9
In The act as if Because it rains The is Over ! No Mas
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Bullshire Police Jan 22
We worked hard to emulate the well trendy visuals used by the whizzkids within the - Sorry, - - Sorry, little quango; but we feel we've got the 'Marketing Strategy' and message right.
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Brian Kalma May 29
$20 Roseanne gets named as Communications Director.
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I'm That Guy Apr 29
I swear I call no less than 2 times a week. These people literally told me my TV couldn’t be programmed to work with my remote, because my brand wasn’t listed on their list of options (despite a technician programming it originally the day he hooked it up)
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