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like Milliband, Kinnock & Brown but not a word from this geezer. Now that Jeremy has crafted a real alternative, got 550,000 members took away Cons majority, a guy who has been on the right side of most big events, this geezer leaves & rants about what? nasty comments online
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Mike 18m
Not fair to at all! What’s this guy have to do to get what is rightfully his!? I love blessed and Poirier! Dope fight but CucuY is (IMO) the hardest fight for anyone at 155! Even for Khabib! Don’t forget Tony was unjustifiably stripped of his belt!
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Rob Bubbletrousers 41m
how does that even happen...McDavid two games and nothing when it's against him? ?
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BreakfastAtCindy's Feb 21
If you want to lie for attention, please stay away from we have enough to deal with REAL crimes and trying to improve OUR beautiful city. No time for the
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wow. the BBC Newsnight team really threw me this evening. I would have thought they would have looked into the million quid Israeli Embassy gave Friends of Labour & discussed the undercover footage called the Lobby, but I was wrong instead they let Ian Austin spew his garbage
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GT 1h
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Shane Higgins 18m
How does Dustin Poirier headline an event nevermind and interim title fight at a mainstream event? easy work for Max
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Bytes of Wisdom 7h
You for REAL!? Insane to see a doc call patient feedback “anecdote” as a way to put down what they say. Dats messed up. + I see you only promote things you’ve got your pockets in. Classy guy.
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Hippie Bul 17h
Hey , if it takes a week to transfer a funky $20 from your bank account to your PayPal, y'all need to shutdown. It's 2019, nobody is waiting for 5 business day transfers. I see why..I see why...
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Politirants Feb 21
Replying to @NEAToday @OaklandEA
What a garbage message. Has nothing to do with the students, everything to do with the union and teachers. If you can’t “educate” the students on what you get now, do you REALLY believe that more cash will raise test scores?
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@aTWEETofmyMIND Feb 20
Replying to @JRubinBlogger
is running again to stroke his ego. He's like the majority of career politicians who can't give up the recognition and power of being in office.
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Replying to @AP @Mike_Beacham
gave a 2nd term which was
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Bill Clem 3h
First thing I saw today was this, fight here in Montana. Then lectures kids (even if it was out of context). We need leadership for our kids. We don’t have time for this
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4for4 Feb 21
Replying to @jjmaurer29
I will. It's brutal. Just . Going on and on about total .
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eddy gately 21h
I was enjoying this... untill I watched the episode where you used BS click bate of one chick fighting another... and you had the odasity to actually put in the video that the thumb and headline were a lie. never ever will I watch this fake swill again.
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Ken Hone 16h
Replying to @realDonaldTrump
Way to take credit for democratic actions that were approved before you enter the office.
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William E. Crowder Feb 20
Replying to @KouriCMarshall
The Supporters gonna big mad ... when the decide on a nominee other than !
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Reaper 13h
Deficit you speak of! Yes, under Obama what 19-20 Trillion. No matter who gets in that position it’s going UP⬆️! He was better than that woman Hillary! That’s a FACT! You have to agree on that! Clinton’s are . Bill well he was a player and made use of the help and thats
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Penguin2lv 15h
Any one else who sails and heard apologize for the “nautical” theme? I’ve never used a noose like that, have you? Calling BS in their apology saying it was a nautical theme.
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Alex Parntaprasert 7h
I know you guys LOVED so much. group is kinda little bit because you guys attacked for small comment about dam pic. You guys automatically think that cast has a "Double Standards" WTF!?
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