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racistpresident 39m
Replying to @MSNBC @realDonaldTrump
Stop wit the . Again citing one poll does no one any good. poll averages are actually increasing. But hey, you do you and keep feeding your viewers 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️
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Dave W 6m
Replying to @ccjourno
Just a thought, how many ppl are actually stranded in Manchester on their ???!?
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Buddha_GrayIII 30m
Replying to @AB84 @NFL @NFLPA
Shit sick let’s void the guarantees they getting then like how tf can u void somebody guarantee money that’s like firing someone and then telling them they can’t get the check they just worked for
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HardLife 37m
I tried to give you the formula but you wouldn’t listen... 💙
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Arceneaux Marlin Sep 19
Replying to @GavinNewsom
NO MOS should be to your hating, lieing, racism, sexual assaulter and an accused rapaist because no one is avacating none of this you are talking about fool it is a matter of time you will be in handcuffs "
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CharlieBrown 10h
Fcuking ripoff trying to get flights from the USA to Fiji on Fiji Airways. Qantas, you flying from Cali to Nadi anytime soon?
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4.6692 Sep 21
Replying to @juliannejtaylor
Huge . stop speaking, go read things.
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Slater 17h
So when tf are jean skirts going out of style?
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ManitouStultus Sep 18
Replying to @BoazDorset @PawelHubal
that every rapists says in his defense Its amazing how horrifying such a backward country can be for young ppl/ I have no doubt when gets their shit together , there will be harsh repercussions for Cyprus. Girl surrounded by many males = rape, simple
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Caddis 19h
Replying to @MLive
Anyone who believes that is crazy. The LAST thing we need in government is more republicans.
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Omar Gani 56m
is in town, let’s see what will he talk about!
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Golden Oxen 1h
Replying to @QuintNJ
Talking Heads, millions of them blabbering about everything.
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Theodore Antoniuk 18h
Total time for O’Shea to go. That’s 2 this year
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Jordan Casey 20h
Replying to @christomasson
No flag for this celebration.
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bill campbell Sep 21
Buy your kids bullet proof backpacks and pray! Screw you Congress!
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Colby Sep 21
Replying to @MikeSilver
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April Sep 21
It's that time...go
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Jasmeen Sep 20
Hey do a better job of planning construction! 152 street is a major street. You can’t close all lanes except one (for both sides) at 7pm. Ppl are still coming home from work. Construction at 76 has traffic backed up to 88 on one side and 68th on the other.
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Marcela Sánchez Sep 20
Another PLD... Great group!
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jElLe 👑 Sep 20
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