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Andy Gibson Nov 9
Edinburgh Bypass at 3pm on a Friday 😭😭
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Rob Gaukroger 3h
Just watched 30 seconds of Total knee rebuild live, my buggered knees can stay that way!!!
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Boooomer Nov 7
You are just like every other longhorn fan now... You win in Dallas and that’s it. You play in El Paso at the Sun Bowl. What a season. Nothing to look forward to.
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Two Shamrocks 7m
thank God for the mute 🔇 button! Let's go Blues!!
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mike rooney Nov 12
The crew on is horrible.
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ShifterDaus98 10h
Replying to @SamadSaidWhaaat
I wanna ask about the narrative of gaming , you see , many games that were using dark & gritty are the games with the realistic visual , so why stylized artistic not attempt to using that tone for the gaming narrative !
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Joey Barton 3h
Live Knee replacement surgery on channel 5... 👀🙈
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T Money Nov 12
Time to cut Booger loose after this game
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Chris O’Neill Nov 13
Keep letting illegal aliens in your state and you’ll get a socialist liberal for a Senator or Governor like Arizona just did.This is there next Senator kirsten sinema a socialist liberal who wears a tutu in public to complain about our country and protest our military.
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SuperFrans Nov 13
Four managers sacked in the last three days. That leaves 51 managers in the English football leagues who have been in their jobs for less than a year.
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Papa Beez 8h
Replying to @EMD4ME
Literally the last jump.
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sam s Nov 10
God bless season ticket holders
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Sally Penfold✨ 47m
Replying to @smurty86
😭 I can’t bring myself to look at it!!! 🤢 ☹️
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FleaSixty Nov 13
Bored on a Sunday afternoon and not sure what to play? Take a look at (Brut@l). Pretty good game with an interesting visual look.
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Kiki 8h
Replying to @danielleschwaab
1. You’re lucky 2. I’m already anxious anticipating the seasonal depression I will experience when I return to Wisconsin after two weeks in Costa Rica in February.
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Alexander 8h
Replying to @TheKnicksWall
What a horrid lineup.
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Dennis Clarke Nov 11
Ironic. Lost our first string QB to a helmet to helmet hit. Take another one off the shelf tonight. .
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Jimbobway 7h
You sound like you run the worst league in the world. Why would you veto that??? Just because a guy drafted/had a good team?
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Neal Hamer Nov 12
Did you watch ? The 10 day trek to get to base camp looks unreal.
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Jak Kalfas Nov 12
I wouldn’t wish lifetime at 7 pm to my worst enemy.
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