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Darren Darnborough 1h
Thx & CD’s for another great panel in LA this week for the in Hollywood.
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Charlie Mullins OBE 18h
FACT: Will Leave Out Of Pocket As the bad news piles up, there’s no sign of any change of attitude from . Formally, is due to happen in March 2019, but for many and individuals it is happening right now!
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Food & Trees for Africa 32m
Check out this inspirational video about Jericho Business Forum Cooperative located in , . We are very proud of them!
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Morgan Jones 22m
Self-doubt holds back from pursuing dream via
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Stuart Sep 17
Dear viewers.... Please keep your social media outpourings and enthusiasm to the abstract... Us are having to wait a bit longer to see it
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Ricardo Cristof 13h
I have an idea: could be annexed! - The would become part of Sweden or Finland - the part of Belgium (Wallo-welsh?) - the part of France - the part of Germany - and the ... hm, Poland maybe? Brilliant! 😂 Thank me later…
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@nkono Sep 17
So covering 6 months to calls the in expats, over ten thousands of them. What really makes one ? Where you're coming from?
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Lyndsay Morrison Sep 17
I could listen to Claire Foy and Thandie Newton give acceptance speeches all day.
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Yafes Yafes Sep 18
I am not mad, just keeping calm after I was tear gassed enough times to give me asthma. I am fully prepared to lose weight and kukaza mshipi. What is happening now is what I was trying to vote against, but was silenced. The worst is yet to come
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ThabaKhayaLodge Sep 19
Our exclusive wildlife lodge situated near Brits. Our guests enjoy relaxing days surrounded by wildlife, delicious meals, beautiful scenery and our warm hospitality. We look forward to welcoming you
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Wilhelm Klink Sep 17
Replying to @jerijerod14
Force Z was doomed from the outset. Then plan to intercept Nip landing forces in does deserve some credit. But... The and didn't appreciate/contemplate the capabilities of the new threat of torpedoes launched by G4M or other similar bombers.
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humphrey mogashoa Sep 17
Replying to @trestrange
That town does now and then see some white people still undermining black people, and further still do not want black people to enter the white owned stores. There are still some elements of “Broederbond” behaviour in some areas of .
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nashgibson 18h
The are at it again with a new study on eating and food choices
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Veronica Verma Sep 17
Replying to @tpaine
Thomas Paine YOUR king doesn’t deserve US! We’ve developed ourselves enough without that old king. You people are just chillin on that tiny little island, while we work on our own, so why should you people get any of the credit?
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Okwunna Okongwu Sep 18
I still consider it reprehensible dt instead of d present generation of being remorseful, repentant & apologetic about the atrocities, tyranny, and sadism of their fathers, they are rather proud of 's inhumanity and extreme wickedness. Britain is doomed.
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Wilhelm Klink Sep 18
+1 Mike. Always glad to have the support of to tell the pesky to look at the bright side of life...
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Kathleen Mulligan Sep 17
So the whole cars driving on the left side of the road I can get used to but I WILL NOT walk on the left side of the sidewalk.. that’s just not right 😒
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Noah #SayYesToGreenJobs Sep 12
Replying to @AngelaRayner
Is it any wonder conservatives go back on their promises? It is high time get woke and vote each time till he is the PM! If you don't, stop whining about it. Consequence is the other name of politics.
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💕HPornima Sep 11
yah..& zayn lost the but Harry has won the 2018 & 2018 & comparing with these awards. i dont care about vmas.
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Hitesh Ladwa 12h
Replying to @owainpj
We are not surprised by this but yet there are millions of who accept this behaviour as normal sadly. Unfortunately, most of these people have known nothing else apart from the all their lives
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