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BrAzE - 渋い 18 Oct 17
Blade Runner 2049 was... visually stunning, and sounded amazing, but it was much longer than it needed to be, and I felt it.
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BrAzE - 渋い 20 Sep 17
IT was... a pretty special mix of hilarity and horror. Completely logical too...
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BrAzE - 渋い 1 Sep 17
Wonder Woman was... pretty dope. I believed the hype, and wasn't dissapointed. I mean, Ewen Bremner for life.
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BrAzE - 渋い 27 Sep 17
Kingsman: The Golden Circle was... a little too camp for me, but it had some dope moments. Also, a sick cameo that was sick.
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BrAzE - 渋い May 18
Avengers: Endgame was... an incredible end to a 22 chapter saga. Not perfect, but fucking enjoyable.
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BrAzE - 渋い 21 Jul 17
Baby Driver was... so dope, it has me on Tinder looking for dates so that I can see it again... and find love, and shit.
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Patrick J. Fuller May 18
Replying to @DaNut5
Glad are back but worst film of all time imo
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