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اريك نيفاريز Nov 22
I had a man yelling at me today asking for a refund and brings me an IHOP receipt! .... Ummm you’re at Denny’s Sir. IHOP is down the street!
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Lighthouse⁷ Nov 21
Replying to @taradublinrocks
Saw this. 👍 Yamiche is awesome!! 👏👏👏
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Angie Leigh Nov 22
Replying to @ceraceratops
I am always VERY happy to let people like that speak to the manager.
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Little Vix 💋 Oct 31
Instant turn off in a new relationship - when he asks to borrow money!
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Mona Nov 21
Yamiche is just a rock star! 💙
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Erin C Nov 26
Replying to @AngelaBelcamino
I’ll cheers to that!!
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Queen PH Nov 22
Right, cause I thought somebody who ain’t have my name in BOLD on they neck said something 🥴😂
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Jennifer Pepper Nov 21
It was so nice, we did it twice!
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Hill Nov 24
Ice Cube is canceled.
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historyrepeat Nov 21
Yamiche is highly respected
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Adi Nov 22
Replying to @Awkward_Adi
After I told him it wasn’t me. Dude had the audacity to ask if I was single and if I would send him a selfie 😂😂
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GeorgettePiscesFeb24 Nov 26
Replying to @dyrinone
Got mine last night...My EX sent me a message saying he's sorry 🤣🤣🤣
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helo Nov 7
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🎅 Dr. Christmas Elf 🎄 Nov 8
Concession is irrelevant. He lost.
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The Awkward Pastor Nov 10
When you repeatedly claim voter fraud without evidence, you are not trying to get justice, you just want to sow doubt.
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Alana DiMario Nov 7
Best part of the speeches by and - I don't think they even said Trump's name.
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Thea #WeThePeopleWillWin Nov 16
Replying to @BillOReilly
So you want to ignore the unprecedented attacks on for 8 yrs? Then again you led some of those attacks yourselves. Trump started those attacks with his ‘birtherism.’ Back under your rock please and thank you. 🙏🏽
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W. Marc Paine Nov 27
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Dr. Aqua Copeland Nov 24
I wish somebody would send me 346 emails asking for money.
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Melinda Henrickson Nov 21
Replying to @Yamiche @TuckerCarlson
I liked you before, Yamiche, but this just made me love you even more!!! ❤️
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