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やれやれだぜ 💬 Nov 22
Oh y’all thought I was kidding 😂
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Katie Scott Nov 27
Every week I think “well next week might be better!” and every week the beer arrives and I sip, and I laugh at my naivety.
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Christopher S Paoff Nov 24
Time for a drink!! cheers to all my fam!!!!
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Pretzels & Pints (California Tap Room) Nov 24
BINGO is back!!!! Every Tuesday, starting at 7pm. Happy Hour all day too! ...
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Becca Morello Nov 23
Replying to @itsthriftytime
I love the label on this bottle!!! And definitely appropriate for 2020 😂
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Kwame Osei-Sarfo, PhD Nov 23
Replying to @BlackDigitalHum
Brown liquor/likkah 🥃 after sunset and clear liquor 🍸 during daylight hours for me.
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Ateeb Ahmad Parray, MSS, MPH 14h
Outlines, "Support learning from experience at all levels" How much of our response to tackle C-19 has been so far? Any thoughts?
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Blues-zy Nov 23
Replying to @d_termined07
Same 🥂 🤣😂
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KRATU Nov 23
Guess what I am? Might I be a bottom sniffer? I say yes! 🐾🐶Cheers! Starting my week with a cheeky snifter once I can get the top off!
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Soax Enterprise Nov 29
Replying to @Soax_Enterprise
Try this simple but delicious drinks ... forgive the name Caribbean Candy ... Dash of Grenedine Half a cup of pineapple juice And sprite to fill
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Autumn Hood 9h
I LOVE my morning “juice” now more than ever! fired it up awesomely and gave an amazingly fun (socially distanced, and safe) time. is in my thoughts with every sip!
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102 WVAQ Nov 23
Heads up PA listeners... Unless you stock up these next few days, you'll be stuck with nothing to drown out the sound of relatives and/or screaming children at the dinner table. 🥂
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Michelle Bodkin Nov 26
Apple Cider Mimosas: *Rim the glass with caramel, brown sugar and cinnamon *Half shot of Fireball *Splash of apple cider *Champagne for the rest
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Jerry Atricks 😷🇺🇸 Nov 29
Replying to @doctorfaustroll
My poison of choice is bourbon and I find it extremely difficult getting ice in the bottle 🤪 , however if I find myself iceless , !
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ICONYC Promotions 24h
When the xanax runs out a double straight up will do in a pinch.
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Steve 🅱️ee 🐝™ Nov 26
Goddards Gold Braid Rum a old favorite with the Egg Flip recipe
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CurlyLittleRedHead Nov 28
3 for £15 ....thankyou very much Longs Supervalue! 🍷
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Skybound Netball Club Nov 27
Don’t we all!! 😂 🍻
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REDD 🥀 Nov 26
It’s 5 O’clock Somewhere!
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Mary Mac Nov 29
Live from 5:30pm UK Time Bottoms Up From Bar Soho! Last chance to get any shout outs, song requests or questions to be included in tonights live stream on my Facebook Page!! Get yourself a drink and I'll see you from Soho!!
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