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Justin Rock 4h
Thank you for bringing this to fellow Texan's attention. and will help lead the in Texas. I can't wait for to be the next Texas Senator as well.
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#RemoveTrumpNOW!⚖️ Jan 16
Replying to @chrislhayes
Land doesn’t vote🗳— PEOPLE do. It’s really sad how Trump & the GOP desperately cling to this FAKE map They color in all the empty spots to bolster their FALSE assertion that they’re the ‘majority’ and that Trump was elected legitimately. 🌊
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Minh Ngo Jan 16
House Clerk Sheryl Johnson — a black woman — formally delivers the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump, a white supremacist president. Reminder, this historic moment was made possible by black women voters who propelled the that gave Dems control of the House.
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Oakland CA. Where the priority is letting illegal alien murderers off because they don’t work with ICE. doing a wonderful job governing her 3rd world city. Madisyn White-Carroll was her name. Her killer fled to Mexico because of Oakland’s sanctuary policy.
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Finding Veracity 42m
NYT, 12/31/16 In 2016, as Trump was accepting GOP presidential nomination, evidence emerged that he also was dropping lethal weapons support to UA from the Repub platform He now criticizes Obama for not having it sooner
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Mitch Jackson- Trial Lawyer 😎 Jan 20
Alan Dershowitz on Sunday and 22 years ago in 1998. What a hypocrite.
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Heather Steele 3h
Today is a reminder that we need to vote!!! If you are not registered, please go online and register. If you are registered, talk someone you know into registering.
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Lily 2h
Replying to @cnnbrk
America has lost her way because of these lying cheats. Their minds were made up long ago. We need to show up in record numbers to vote them out
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Alaina Shearer for Congress Jan 17
Friends of the , I need you now... My 2020 opponent (a hard-right Republican in Ohio) has more Twitter followers than I do. 😰 Can you RT and follow until we hit 2,192.
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LeftisRight 10h
Gooooooood morning wave riders!! Let's have an awesome day shall we?!
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Analisa Swan 🆘 #DemForce Jan 18
Organize Vote Blue Save America 💙🎉🌊💖🏳️‍🌈😃🌈💙🎉🌊💖🏳️‍🌈😃
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William Bean 39m
Well said👏👏👏👏. As a former swing voter I would and have voted Republican; however, after seeing the magnitude of corruption in the GOP I won’t support the party again.
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Really? Why? 12h
"They're so far on the wrong side of history they can't see the line. They're past where the buses run" Presidential historian Jon Meacham on the
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Follow Your Unconscious 3h
Replying to @MikkoAlanne
The world is watching us destroy our democracy. What happens when the USA can no longer stand upon our justice and checks & balances? This is embarrassing!! VOTE THEM OUT!
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AllMoneyMatters 13h
Replying to @DanRather
Its a Guilty Plea. They dont have a case and they know he is Guilty.. 🌊🌊
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Social✽Fly 8h
Replying to @TheRickWilson
If these GOP miscreants were stunned by the in 2018, that will look like a slow leak compared to what's coming for them with the .
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Finding Veracity 15m
Guardian Amazon billionaire Jeff Bezos had his cellphone “hacked” in 2018 after receiving a WhatsApp message from what appeared to have been sent from the personal acct of Mohammed bin Salman, Saudi Arabia's crown prince
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whoainsanity 4m
They do not serve I am done with them.
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Alan Roth 38m
Kudos to DC Dems like and for organizing volunteers last fall to help solidly flip the VA legislature and make progress like this possible. (Wisconsin awaits in 2020!)
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Jamie Carter ❄ #DemCast Jan 17
291 days until the election.
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