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Berry Jayy Feb 19
Why are they fighting 😒😒
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- Isn’t it?
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Qiana Allen Jan 18
Replying to @Tyryn14
Perhaps a positive, more lucrative revenue source could turn new generations of gangs back to what they were originally created to strong communities. Remember, NOT all you buy is squeeky clean in origin
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Fergal D'Arcy 11 Dec 17
@AineCahillMusic is such an ear worm!deffo in my top ten of the year!! Keep up the great work!
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glo vader Feb 14
I can't trust a man who makes dumb money moves like $100 and $200 dinners and making it rain on the retailers on + materialistic garbage, neither can I trust a chick who demands it. 💜
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Wardiamonds Feb 9
Replying to @HarryWinston
His name is Hasan Shalabi, 14 years old, killed by an Israeli sniper on Friday. Your diamonds from Israel are funding an apartheid regime guilty of gross human rights violations -
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Joseph Mar 31
Replying to @NaijaFlyingDr
Bcos she wants to start a MEN VS WOMEN fight. Plus they have to demonize men generally, in order to be seen as a competent and committed feminists. PS: she also wants to distract us from the main issue, ie: Naomi's ties to criminals, lo, even war criminals !
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TheAgeOfBananas Apr 6
Suddenly diamonds have started hurting India even more than Africa where they’re sourced. Thanks to the biggest traders Modis, Bade & Chhote.
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Society of Sound 29 Nov 17
Music can be a powerful medium to engage with substantive and prominent issues in an entertaining and thought provoking way... @AineCahillMusic's song Blood Diamonds does just that. Keep up the amazing work! SOS post to come...
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Tarek Fatah Mar 3
's pimps coming to Toronto to sell real estate (akin ) built on land stolen from the in and drenched in their blood. Stay away from these carpetbaggers.
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Ana Gomes, MEP Jun 21
- will Gov of President Lourenço go to Gand court seized with case and signal to gov Angolan interest to recover billions in profits illicitly made by Isabel dos Santos’ , via Dubai, thwarting ?
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Rev. Stephen P Robinson Feb 18
Former Special Assistant to and Press Secretary for , Marc Lotter is currently known best as a surrogate for the administration and with the full support of Donald Trump is comparing the fake with
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Bianca Jagger Nicaraguense por gracia de Dios 🇳🇮 31 Jan 18
Dear sisters let’s keep off the at the
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fleurs sauvages Jul 3
Replying to @theprojecttv
and most importantly they aren't destroying lives.
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samantha ahern Feb 18
Two dozen bodies recovered from flooded illegal Zimbabwe gold mine - this is a massive issue across Africa with a lot of faked documentation accompanying the about time it got the same recognition as
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Desiree_Laverne Oct 6
Loved this movie that this gif is from.. ..
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♥sabrina ♥FitzBerg♥ 22 Nov 17
At work listening to and there playing @AineCahillMusic xx
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Mike Mulvihill 15 Oct 17
Replying to @_ainemusic
Can't wait hear it, and Play it on the show, Aine, great to read Tour is going well.
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MJ 17 Nov 17
Still full on obsessed with @AineCahillMusic . Such a tune
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Hayman Buwan - Buwaneswaran ⚕️ Apr 29
When you go a block too far... (NB: are a problem, and so too are throwing of techy words! Reduce both.)
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