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Stephanie Aug 20
Married and single girls and women who are looking for BBC, go to my Dm
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Sibahle the Emperor 23h
21 Aug 1619,that when black slavery started in America, today marks the 400yrs since,as black ppl we still not a powerhouse economically, let's rise up and conquer where our ancestors didn't, Our focus should be education and economics
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How to Bow to Worms Aug 15
could it be true, is extorting you? Funny how an outmoded notion of "race" is the left's linchpin. They have reversed "progress" to politics can only be skin deep.
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Growing & Gaining 🌱📈🔋 Aug 14
Replying to @HISWOKENESS
isn’t popular bc of Us, thats for damn sure
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Mistress Yuna 1.4k ❤️USA 🇺🇸Bday Oct 22 #DFVD Aug 19
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TopCatMath Aug 19
Fighting with Both are the antithesis of American life.
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Elorm Beenie Aug 17
May your teachings & directions continue to guide us and open our THIRD EYE . Blessed earthstrong to your blessed memory as today marks your 132nd birthday commemoration.
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White boy it’s time you pay your reparations towards black supremacy . $75 💵 CHOP CHOP . Black women will forever rule you and you will gladly submit and happily send . No more white supremacy 😂 $kinoo19
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😂 DFW♠️Supremacy 😂 Aug 13
😂 You & your Merry Band are NOW 😂 ...OH my BAD I meant ♠️... 😂 But is QUITE ALRITE with these white women .... Who would bed a Woman Beater if price is right or even a pedophile & many already have
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