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п»їAbby Clifford 10h
algonquin directory tire conway sc
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Grant Ingram 7h
Kenny Stills exposes the flaw in Jay-Z’s ill-informed comments on kneeling # are their own Worst # !!!
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Cali Reign 3h
Just like were dehumanized???
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Carnelia8 19h
We are ... and . And that South Carolina bullshit...won't work here. In other're about to meet me. Dirty and disgraced...they're human beings. Hermann bought all the land and you can't provide shit for the homeless. Ask Turner about it.😡
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TeslaStein Aug 17
? Mitch Bribes. No Law & Order. ? Duke Weak. No Honor & Integrity. ? Farrakhan Whiny. No Use & Worthless.
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BeeNewsDaily Aug 13
How often has Zerlina Maxwell voted inlast 10 yrs? How many community meetings has she attended in the last 5 yrs, if she has kids, how many PTA meetings has she atn in the last 8 yrs? How many has she helped to remain in place in urban cities? Has many jobs she created?
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KEC-Garage. 3h
Replying to @SkySportsPL
By the mere fact that there's a word "RACISM" It Means RACISM" is a reality and we can't deal with it but put up with it. We all folks treat like shit though they pretend but you can't fool people always.
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Rich for ever Aug 14
Only black with mustang on the block Much respek on yah dawg we real....
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Madumetša Jul 25
narrativing racism an how feel abt in this Country.
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Javier M. Rodriguez Aug 10
In spite of very similar female breast cancer incidence rates (actually, lower than whites'), black females presently show a 42% higher female breast cancer death rate than white females.
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Caron K-ONE Aug 3
Attention !!!! Guys i'm so disturbed by how we still undermined as . Please Sexy White Mothers and then Sexy Black Mothers . Bafethu I couldn't believe my eyes . We are not animals treat us well
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Shervin Assari, MD MPH Aug 1
Many of my papers show that US social structures systemically block ' chance of gaining health/well-being from education, employment, income, and marriage. The results are systemic and indicative of structural racism. Here is the link to the papers:
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Joey's Thesaurus Aug 17
Bledisloe Cup 2019: All v part parcel decider – live on!
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Eishero🦁🐺 Aug 18
Replying to @Seb_Aguanno
Who Did These Happen To For Not Keeping The Most High GOD YAHAWAH's ?? i'm NOT saying other races didn't go thru but nobody got worst than aka
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Connecting the Dots Aug 18
Replying to @thehill
was guilty of the same bullshit. South Africa finally accepted & embraced as equals.
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Lamar Aug 18
Replying to @ad_darks
They need to arrest the director and producer I swear, what this People will still buy this hmm e hard ooo
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Kehinde the Photographer Aug 18
Don't fear failure so much that you refuse to try new things.
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BlackTradeCircle App Aug 17
Is the Keto Diet a Good Idea For Weight Loss?
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I love my GTBank Aug 17
Replying to @umar_ayotunde
lobatan the wife will recover immediately as to revenge .... trust me
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Matthias Jahaziel Ben Israel Aug 14
🔥HOW ARE THEY ILLEGAL🔥 #1794 and are being oppressed in this land🔥🔥 Lam 5:2-5 Our inheritance is turned to strangers, our houses to aliens
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