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Brandt Weldon 17 Aug 14
I hate getting up for work all summer and I hate getting up for school all winter...
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Murbella 11 Mar 15
Replying to @ralphruthe
It says "Take us to your leader!" & it cracked me up so bad! RT
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Kelsey Steeper 22 Nov 13
I want PLL to be over so I know how it ends, but I also want it to last forever
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Kaulbach House Mar 22
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OpTic Xobe 22 Jan 14
Replying to @Gibbysart
I'm with them on the bottom floor, if I turn on my music I'll wake all my other housemates up who are above me
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Pete Bell 5 Nov 13
But schools needn't worry: According to the EdgeHill Conf, Ofsted are still inspecting 'ICT'! ;)
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Nathan Heimonen 17 Aug 13
In a have to pee really bad but far to lazy to get up to do it
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Dave Keeley 8 Feb 16
May he RIP how does Enda and Francis nail this on Mary Lou now?
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Char 6 Sep 13
I just dunno what to do with my life right now :s
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Joshua William 8 Apr 16
I feel like youre the only person I can turn to for the answer to this question.
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Jo Brooke-Flattery 7 Aug 14
Reeeeeally think a reorganise of my sewing box is long overdue
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Nick 24 Sep 13
So I go to hand in my notice today then I get offered to take over the business haha.
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Dr. Leckon Jan 23
Ma dood it seems like your in a
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Jules Lavin Jul 6
A proper day of leisure for an Englishman, though we do need to improve on the 20/2
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Sophie Garcia 18 Jan 14
I need to do Biology homework but we were never told which worksheets we needed too do...
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Conor O'Sullivan 17 Oct 13
Replying to @princess_sully
i probably could do it but i don't want to do it
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wally downes 13 Jul 16
Replying to @VinnieJones65
Santa Anita that's where the boys put me away on chewing tobacco!!
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Vegavero Nov 14
In Berlin there is a brand of fig jam which has an incredible honey taste. We tasted it once and then we lost it... we have been searching for it ever since
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Torrey McGregor 11 Feb 14
Replying to @LaurenSavage417
only your parents can sign you out hahaha
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Paul Tomkinson 7 Feb 15
Replying to @ryanfrederick
is there any last min tickets avail Ryan? I'm also sitting on the waitlist & am flying down from Vancouver.
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