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Search Refresh Jun 21
Just for the first day we’ve distributed $2000 in among 29 traders!🤑 Join the trading madness with Atomic on Dex! 🚀 Check the leaderboard here 👉
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cryptoZen 16h
listing today on . Being a lowmarketcap and a great project, we can expect a 3-5x followed by a significant drop. You can buy it now from global.
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📡 🤬 Signal for on Sell volume increased by 45.85 ฿ -1.06% price decreased(0.00004313 ฿) Last 1h: bought 152.58 ฿, sold 165.51 ฿ Last 24h: bought 2,537.84 ฿, sold 2,294.37 ฿ Last 7d: bought 24,778.12 ฿, sold 24,358.70 ฿
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Lionel 4h
Name and shame not following guidelines and accepting transactions with unknown wallets not a good example to set to the world
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Ctrl+Alts+Del 21h
Don't like to this either, but If the Weekly closes like this, things doesn't look too good for . Might get it's long awaited correction if keeps pumping.
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Frank ฿ Underwood 3h
Whatever CZ touches, dies 😂
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Binance Jun 17
Introducing: -Pegged Token on Chain Binance will issue a number of crypto-pegged tokens on Binance Chain in the coming days, starting with , a BEP2 token pegged to . Which other tokens would you like pegged on Binance chain?
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Traxia Foundation Jun 20
Thank you community for supporting us. 10% of all issued TM2 is now available for purchase. Check our Website to know more.
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Ling 16h
This is how we all looked like now.
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Cow Jones 17h
1W: Long-range look at the chart. I have no allegiance to any altcoin. I see opportunities for profit
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Binance Info 9h
Binance Info's V Label project NKN has updated its Bi-Weekly Report. Read the full report in our News section: …
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Count of Monte Crypto 9h
Algorand is having a slight retrace on . Will wait until the dust settles for my grand entry.
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Catherine Jennings 7h
Celer shows bearish movement this week! Strong support is witnessed around the level of 0.00000116. Could be a good level to start accumulating.(not an investment advice. DYOR)
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Roberto 8h
Replying to @CryptoFling
target of the triangle and the 50% retrace are the same...👀👀👀
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Cryptonomia 1h
/BTC New Signal for Quantstamp | Price: 0.0000023 | --> More on 🔥
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Holo 3h
Check out our 4 info bites. Please read all 4 for the full picture. 1 out of 4 As there is a lot of confusion about news regarding US citizens, here is some info about .
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📢 is excited to announce that we have submitted our listing proposal for ! Our ticker for the Chain will be !
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CZ Binance 6h
Throwback to , we started the ICO, on our own brand new site. people rushed in on Day 1. Thank you for your support! (Dug up a screenshot from my archives. BNB was called BNC back then.)
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/ 1H Exactly what we expected! bounce 0.618, retest 0,5, and up! 👌🚀
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Roberto 9h
Replying to @boricu20
back inside.... 👀👀
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