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Summerbread_2.0 3h
Top 4 richest have a Capital B in their name and 8 out of top 14 Capital B = 28th letter 28 = wealth in
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Caroline Davison 18m
Billionaires BUY politicians. Billionaires BUY elections keep sexual preditor friends.
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INEL company Jan 27
There's a lot to learn: "Work and pleasure are the same thing for ". The hero of today's article is US President Donald John Trump. However, Donald was best known for his . Read more -
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Lets Play TRUTH 2h
Global Poverty: How the Rich Eat the Poor and the World via when have nothing better to do than figure out how to kill more humans, via
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Top 50 Richest People In America – 2020 updated list
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flooded coffers just before the passed. From when it was introduced until the end of the year, the wealthiest dramatically boosted contributions. They got what they paid for. We got screwed.
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The Future is Electric 3h
Hey, like ? Like stories? Like getting smacked about a bit? This is the story for you.
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AdeloVant 2h
USA Law: "Fraud upon the court" voids all mandates and decisions of the court (Court Officers: Judge, Lawyers, Jury...). "Fraud upon the court" is a criminal offense I ain't a lawyer. U$A ' politicians are criminals and traitors (Oath Breakers to US).
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The Future is Electric 4h
have been throwing their money and influence at both denial and action for a couple of decades. How are they doing? What should they be doing? And which ones should be celebrated?
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Andile_godson 15h
Black excellence should and must be celebrated.. Yekani lento yokucindezelana bantu bakithi... lunc
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Maureen Fitzsimmons Jan 27
This was not a free or fair . The entire , and a large chunk of along with a claim which was actually 0.06% of members VS a few good people. Also remember
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nubian_propaganda Jan 27
Are we really gonna give these billionaires so much power 🙄
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Vicky Shaurya 13h
Here is billionaire lists from 2000 to 2019🎯⠀ --- It doesn't matter you are in the list or not, only matters your and family happiness, that is price less ⚓⠀ --- Only make yourself as successful as you don't need to think of making or creating anything✌️⠀ ---
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AdeloVant Jan 27
€U...¥人...U$A ' Moscow🇷🇺McConnell and anti-Christian☠️Senators will fain shock & awe at Bolton-bombs dropping on targets. They believed 🇷🇺🤥 camouflaged from all USA🇺🇸 and Patriots with Intelligence.
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Rayn 4h
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Miriam Minger 1h
Viking billionaire romance The Maiden and the Billionaire by is FREE today! ………………
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WeThePeople 5h
Replying to @DanWeidner4
should be politically equal to penniless Americans. Yet, the Buckley vs Valeo and Citizens United vs FEC rulings say billionaires and businesses can give unlimited money to a politician. And they do. Who will their elected politicians' decisions benefit?
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Catoctin_LibSoc 🌿🏴 6h
*sniff* *sniff sniff* Oh yeah, that's the smell of fear, stinky billionaire fear.
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AdeloVant 11h
All US🇺🇸, Our USA Constitution, Our Children's Future are at Risk. We ain't attacking each other with 🇷🇺🤥 in Our Whitehouse. That would be Stupid. ' , 🇷🇺🤥, anti-Christian clergy... agents are attacking all US🇺🇸.
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Scott Levenson 11h
‘A contested convention kind of situation’ is the plan.A brokered convention for uniting the nation? This guy is going to damage the nominee because he judges the winner of the primary season not worthy?? Judge and jury?
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