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Bryson Vape Shop Oct 12
Halloween Costume that seems to scare the crap out of
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Southern Vape Advocate Oct 13
Blow this up!!!! This this with saying that CIGARETTES ARE HEALTHIER THAN VAPING!!! This isn’t about public health. It’s about their agenda
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Southern Vape Advocate Oct 11
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Southern Vape Advocate Oct 12
This is worth the read. It’s scarier than a Stephen King novel. It’ll have you on the edge of your seat.
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urby_urby 23h
I guess they don’t like being told the 🤷🏻‍♀️ KEEP SPREADING THE TRUTH ABOUT THAT
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Replying to @ecigcharleston
Largest health scam in American history. Using children as props and lying. and will be left to prosper while 13 million Ecig users will be left in the dark. The deception is clear and u have no right to practice medicine.
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Alex Moody Oct 11
Whelp, there goes the neighborhood. Congrats America, ya’ll just handed the greatest anti-smoking tech in history over to Big Tobacco.
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Chris Spence 2h
is the only reason these bans are happening. The american people are NOT stupid.
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DashVapes Oct 8
A really good customer of ours placed an order to Massachusets; this order shipped on September 13th (before the ban went into effect) US Border Control seized the package. People are being FORCED back to cigarettes.
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Chasing Vapes Oct 8
I’m beginning to believe they ALL know, and just don’t care. What they’re doing makes no sense, *unless* the intended goal is to hand vaping to . Because that will be the end result. Right
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Michael Kates Oct 13
Replying to @MorningConsult
NOT ONE PERSON in the US or Europe has gotten ill from vaping nicotine. EVERY SINGLE CASE of vaping related illness has been related to BLACK MARKET THC products. Good bet that is in ’s pocket.
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🏳️‍🌈🇮🇪Celticyank🇺🇸🏳️‍🌈 4h
Why don't they ask about bots being used to discredit vaping?
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Casey & Janel Oct 13
Replying to @LungAssociation @POTUS
You have no association without smoking and not a surprise you don't support a life saving technology that would kill your industry. Sadly you should be embrace harm reduction and lock arms with vaping and we could make america smoke free by 2030 like the UK plan.
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Spinfuel VAPE eMag 15m
Keep a lookout you might see what real Vapers are angry about. STOP THIS MADNESS. BE PRESIDENTIAL, don’t let and bigpharma OWN you!
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Lori Stauffer Oct 10
. you do realize that you are being manipulated by & these kids were using adult products illegally! They should not be praised for bad behavior! Ask why did he cancel meeting with vape advocates? Does he not care about jobs lost?
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MRPatriot019 20h
gets their hands in it. Who knew?
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Ryan Haynes 8h
Replying to @WSJ @NYGovCuomo and 3 others
We are not bots. We have a much louder voice than they ever expected. We will not lay down and take this corruption from people . We will fight, we will win. Science always wins. No more for
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NJ Vapor Vault 22h
Yup! All agenda driven. Clear the market of & hand an industry built buy to SHAME ON THEM ALL!!! !!! Truly disgusting that is helping them do it!
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FuckOffittyLand Oct 9
If you throw cigarette butts on the ground or in the water, fuck you. Like for real fuck you. We only get one Earth.
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lonesomeriderch 7h
from seems more important. Less smokers leads to less cancer leads to less money leads to no work and no funding.
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