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Lisa Thomas Dec 11
Jim Jordan is out here trying to incite a civil war and he says what the Democrats are doing is scary? I live in Ohio. His rhetoric actually makes sense to some people here.
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Mrs. Healey 19 Apr 15
Algebra II Honors - Chapter 5 quiz grades are posted! Nice job! Enjoy your vacation week. Be safe and :)
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Agnese Travaglini 18 Dec 13
Things don't change, what can change is you. .
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Christopher Burke 2 Oct 17
Replying to @LKrauss1
There are now at least 50 US citizens who today no longer have the right to bear arms. What about their rights?
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Teratoman 1 Oct 14
Selamat malam Malaysia. Sleep tight.
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Mrs K Apr 2
Replying to @Kate_Kelly_Esq
Um no! Stop making everything into a sexual assault. When you treat these incidents like criminally or as rape of children you are minimizing & belittling victims. There are varying degrees of inappropriate behavior but we can’t through everyone into the same bucket
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Lisa Roy ⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 29 Jul 16
Replying to @goodlimediner
I am glad you can tweet....I hope you can read and follow logic; discern and research. God gave you a good mind.
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Sir Rational 26 Jan 16
Being irrational is the worst#rationalrules
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Hollis: I Voted For Bernie; I’ll Vote For AOC 13 May 18
Replying to @LandisWeaver
oh so sad. i'm all for "progress," but razing woodlots to house overpopulated humanity ... isn't. it's pollution.
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YANKS WIN 4 WS this Decade 3 Apr 13
Do people actual think a bomb would hit? Hello. It has to come over sea. And by that time we would have shot it down.
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Porinju Veliyath 9 Aug 17
2 Years - Nifty up 15% while these 3 stocks down 38% on average: Value Investing is not any rocket science!
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Ravishankar Jan 22
Replying to @PrinceArihan
I support bjp too but this is nonsense. Nightlife restriction is only for minors and should be enforced with 100% strictness, particularly by their parents. But its pure nonsense to expect it for adults. Dont let the left moronism spread in bjp.
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Rashmi 19 May 18
Are you crazy????? You call this limping win by a real Opposition!!! Please be a journalist and try to open your pea sized brain to rational politics. Don’t use your power n words to build hollow articles and mislead ppl
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Thiqui Criqui 16 Jan 13
It does not matter the age difference, if two people want to be together, who are you to have a say in it?
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Michael A. Sherlock 7 Jun 16
I don't respect my own culture, so what makes you think I am going to respect yours?
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Ink Well....MInk 20 Apr 14
If I had any wisdom to share, it could be summarized as "fuck the dumb shit".
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Meg arriaga 25 Jun 15
So I tell Sam where the jalapeños are, and to go back into the grocery store.. But she refuses
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Urkel Grue 8h
A democracy elects the choice of the majority thereby advocating policies that are required for many over the few. Utlilitarian values dictate the maximum wellbeing for maximum number of people.
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Maggie Leinen 14 Mar 15
Happy Super Pi Day everyone! My dad is really excited about it. #3.1415
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