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mayankkumar 6h
sir, my sister's son (19 years old) has a SPLEEN cancer need help for his operation, we can arrange some bit of the money. I will be grateful if your charity can help, please. Thanks
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Ishtiaq shah 13h
Replying to @InfiniteWaters
I do all of those
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Pink Wisdom 18h
Feel familiar? Online dating that leads nowhere, job searches that are not going your way, the feeling that everyone else has more than you have? Not in the flow, and a sense of overall uneasiness that might even qualify as depression?
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Moncy Kurian 23h
Replying to @adt_txt
Is called
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CutiXxx Apr 22
Before u wana Call Yourself Human Being Batter to b human first...
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Ankit Kumar 5h
Just booked my ticket 4 & saw this . Grt Initiative ❤️ this 2rs. Cn make huge difference in some1 life's & cn bring happiness 2 their family's. Plz do donate this 2 rs whn u book ticket.
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Radhika Deshmukh Apr 23
Such a powerful message... left me speechless. If this doesn't make one rethink before posting 'that another' hate comment, then I am not sure what will.
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Mark Scullion Apr 22
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Bollywood Candy 9h
His cute performance for Katrina Kaif will surely make you to say awwwwwwwww!!!! . . Follow - & .
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MySalmanKhan.IG 8h
Salman Khan Today😍❤️❤️ Follow ➡️ ❤️ for more updates✔️✔️ katrinakaif 👑💘
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Moncy Kurian Apr 21
It happens. It's called . I've learnt 5 dialects. I've understood, learnt and comprehend nature's creation so irrevocably you aint worth my time.
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Richa Kanodia Apr 23
Humans are overrated creatures. They are always ready to disappoint you one or the other way. We should learn to live without them.
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LatestLY 1h
. Surprises Fans as He Cycles on Busy Streets of Mumbai-Watch Video
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Sachin Bishnoi 17h
Which is your all time favorite movie ?
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Sᴀᴍɪʀ ɴᴀɪʀ Apr 17
Replying to @sardesairajdeep
Should have tackled in SATYAM way . Tech mahindra acquired it and thousand of jobs were saved . ...Imagine to survive without money..with credit card bill , kids school fees etc knocking on door .
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Mark Zepeda Apr 22
Replying to @samhuntington
For a split second I thought this was and I was confused because I don't remember that episode.
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Brand Genetics 9h
"Fandom is an important part of being human, appealing to our most basic motivations as human beings" , and happiness via fandom, check out what we have been reading this week ...
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Doug Culp Apr 22
Hey I have that s04e01 spec for if anyone still wants to know what doesn't happen (although I did predict some shit)
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Ahammed Erfan Apr 21
Being a good human beings that’s not my weakness🙂that’s the way i love to treat people✌️ ❤️ @ Half Million 1/2M
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Garth Aziz Apr 23
It's so easy to miss a suffering world when we choose not to see it
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