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Wendy-Ann Harris 5h
8 Great Ideas on How to Build Rapport 7/8 Two way street Encourage them to talk about themselves, their experiences, views and opinions or advice. This makes you more human and not a stereotype of caller they are defensive about opening up to.
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Khalid Patthan Sep 16
Replying to @DipanshuR07 @Nehr_who
What is wrong with you. If someone speaks truth - why do you link them to Pakistan. To hell with Pakistan. Kashmiri are your people and this is not how your treat your own people. Show some respect and love towards Kashmiri people 🙏 Ho Payega 🇮🇳 ?
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Sujoy Mitra Sep 17
Replying to @CNN @CNNImpact and 3 others
instead of posting photos of victims you should post photos of the people responsible for such Human Rights Violations because you have more power than us & you are our voice for humanity.
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Samisa Abeysinghe Sep 16
You are born a human. And you could live as a software engineer. But if you die as a software engineer, it is your fault!
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EngrKhaneshRathi🇵🇰 Sep 17
My heart bleeds!💔😭 What the hell we are in, aren't we human? Where are the people who get sad over cruelty in Kashmir and Palistine but the same is going on in our country and they are nowhere. May God have mercy upon Hindus in Pak.
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ʎpooW Sep 17
No need to show that you are friend to XYZ or not.. Just be a Human & atleast show humanity.. That's enough..
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Mounir LAZRAQ Sep 16
Be alive vs be human
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MRX 5h
RT Ravleen40870924: Where selfishness is the cause of all wrongs and kindness is the antidode to all the wrongs, let's be kind to every kind, ManKIND! 😇😇
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Raihan Reza Sep 12
Being kind is one of the greatest way to impress others. No matter how they treat you, be kind and see the changes.
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timmer50 16h
Lindsey is Lindsey ... She is definitely smarter than you and funny plus she is gorgeous and sexy 💜🔥💜🔥🤔😍☮
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🇵🇸خاتيجا سليمانKhatija Sep 11
We must not judge each other fir the difference in our faiths,judgement shall only be passed for the loss of our humanity!
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____ Sep 18
Replying to @fshah_
Do not subject the family of the victim to harassment and merciless interrogation. You are creating a theater of their misery and pain. You are not helping them. Focus on the crime and the criminal - NOT the victim. Show some respect. Show some empathy. .
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danielle stapleton Sep 16
It’s. All. About. The. People.
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areej anjum Sep 18
Replying to @MirMAKOfficial
These are not aleins, it's common public involved in such crimes. We desperately need law enforcement and need to work on human development
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Don't Oppress The Weak. Measure ur strength with those of equal/more strength.Stop oppressing the weak. No condition is permanent. The weak today can be strong tomorrow & vice versa. If u are strong today, help the vulnerable to rise.Remember u are up because others. NWK
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Elzette Fourie Sep 18
Bear in mind your surroundings and be respectful to the colleagues around you. Speak a language everyone understands. Make eye contact. Make people feel seen and wanted. Show interest.
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Rozz Sanz Sep 15
Just because it doesn't matter to you, doesn't mean it doesn't matter. I have to remind myself about that daily. Be considerate and respectful. That is all.
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timmer50 9h
Amen....he's a very good person and I think he's been treated badly at times so PREACH! my man 📢📢 and I live in LA and fan since day one .....So the man some respect 🏈💪☮
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Lawrence Hines NYC 18h
It's not that hard.
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Falkhan House Peregrine . Valar Malabaris ⚔️ Sep 17
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