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Blackfoot,Cherokee❤ 2h
I would love to speak to people of all ages , race, and religion about sexual abuse, molestation, & rape . Get your confidence back !
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toddperkins 20h
If @NancyPelosi and turns your stomach everytime they mention killing babies and illegal immigrants and foreign countries, do America a favor call your congressman and demand action now!
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Briarwood Elementary 15h
Let Your Voice Be Heard! Excellent celebration of diversity and demonstration of unity today at the MLK Jr Day Celebration Thank you to all who contributed to this fantastic program!
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LetYourVoiceBeHeard 3h
On this episode, and the team addressed the controversy around ’s appearance on “The View” about . WATCH:
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Gabs 💋 20h
Send them video links DM music reposts
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Roger Nichols Jan 15
It takes a plan.. What can I do today? Of course I'll be kind (or try to be) but in the meantime really bad stuff is happening to innocent people. How do we stop it. From the buddhist perspective I no longer own it but if I do nothing, I am complicit.
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lee heffernan Jan 17
Only Twitter could find fault with the Great Bob Costas. I appreciate people with voices using them especially today! is well respected in the ATL and he moves the opinion needle here with his thoughts and commentary !
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West Hillhurst CA Jan 15
Want to express your viewpoint on developments in your community? Join the discourse with Discuss 19th - residents focused on fostering discussions concerning development along 19th st. NW. They feature helpful resources to aid your voice:
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AWB Jan 18
AWB's Legislative Day & Hill Climb is Jan. 29 -- there's still time to register for this revamped event that will give attendees more time on the hill and with lawmakers. Watch the video >> and register here >>
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Aya Abdeen🧡💜 Jan 19
So... I was wearing two scrunchies hair ties as I was getting ready to go workout... And my mom asked me if she could have one of them and she called me "Diana." Oml 🧡💜
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Massive Audio Jan 17
Build by Pete Bass Enclosures! How do you Massive?
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Elizabeth C. Stanton Jan 16
I helped form the National Women Suffrage Association!!
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Amy Zamiatowski Jan 19
Replying to @Complex @netflix and 2 others
Hey why won’t you go on ??? That’s probably the best platform for you to be you. You say no one will talk to you or listen he’s offered, if you want to be heard AT ALL, will let you speak without judgement. He’s the way to go 🤷🏻‍♀️
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PATTIE 🙏🏼✝️👑💍👙☀️🍊𗁯 Jan 16
Replying to @NPR
I can’t believe people are so scared to stand up and be heard. Trump has sold out everyone with the TRUMP SHUTDOWN!!! 😶😶😶
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linda lloyd Jan 18
Replying to @anna_orso
Such shedding a negative light on such an important event! Wouldn’t it be great if both groups came together as 1 combining their effort, passion & funds!? Don’t let a few ruin it for all!
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Big Events 24h
Balloons were prepped yesterday!
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Aya Abdeen🧡💜 Jan 18
happy birthday to 🧡💜🙌🙌 have a great day!
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Aya Abdeen🧡💜 Jan 11
Happy birthday to 💜🧡🙌 you are such an amazing assistant coach in ASU and player (aka one of the champions) for the Phoenix Mercury! hope you have a wonderful day! 🙌💯🏆
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Joli Robinson Jan 12
This is an amazing opportunity that I experienced a few years ago. If you’re even slightly interested in adding your voice to the larger convo of pertinent issues impacting our city or nation, please apply.
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Canadian Woman Jan 17
Replying to @JoelHardenONDP
Wonderful news and thank you! @ShannonLeBlanc_ take note, spread the word and call Joel!
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