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Jody Wilson-Raybould May 24
Hey and beyond... I will be making a community announcement about my political future on Monday, May 27th. I look forward to sharing my next steps with you. 😀
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Jeffrey Ferrier May 21
Alternate headline - housing is now more affordable for people across BC’s Lower Mainland
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Bowinn Ma May 18
Well, there you have it. Foreign owners, satellite families, and Canadians living outside of B.C. make up 80 per cent of those paying the Speculation and Vacancy Tax.
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Andrew Weaver May 24
BC must have authority to protect its people, its environment, and its economy from projects like the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion. Today’s ruling takes Canada further down the path of .
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Mike Hudema May 21
Researchers alarmed as another adult southern resident killer whale and calf found in poor health: The whales are crying for help and new pipelines and tankers don't help. .
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The former B.C. premier, whose administration was widely criticized for its utter lack of empathy, is now flying the empathy flag as chair of a Toronto-based NGO.
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BC Green Party 16h
Conversion therapy should not be allowed to continue in our country. Every person deserves to be part of our community without fear of discrimination, harassment or violence.
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Brad Barrett May 22
You know how to tell government is actually governing for the people? When the 1% are protesting them instead of the 99%.
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Tzeporah Berman May 24
Well this could put a serious pause on fracked gas from the Montney. “Wildlife such as caribou and grizzly bears are disappearing, and people are afraid to drink the water or eat the fish caught in the area”. Way to go Canada.
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Adam Olsen May 24
The risk that Trans Mountain pipeline’s diluted bitumen poses to BC’s waters- to the , , tourism industry, local communities and First Nations- is immense. This is a question of setting up all Canadians to be resilient in the face of .
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CBC British Columbia May 24
BREAKING NEWS: The B.C. Court of Appeal has shot down the provincial government’s attempt to introduce environmental laws that would effectively block the TransMountain pipeline expansion. More to come:
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Curious George 4h
"Sixty-four per cent (of the homeless) said they were struggling with addiction and more than half had a mental illness."
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Richard Zussman May 17
It was a bumpy road but the BC Government says it has received back nearly all of the Spec Tax forms. Province says more than 99% of British Colunbians won’t pay and 80% of tax payers are out of province.
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Glen Hansman May 24
There's time to get this done before June 30. That way we can all head into a new school year with stability. A deal before June 30 more likely if it meaningfully addresses recruitment/retention, and enhances services (not removes services) in all 60 school districts.
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Jennifer Rice May 25
Congratulations to Mayor for winning the Federal nomination for the riding of Skeena Bulkley Valley.
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BC Green Party 8h
Switching to an electric vehicle could save commuters thousands in the long-run. While we realize this option isn't for everyone, we encourage those who are able to do so.
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Stefan Jonsson May 21
We're almost at 3,000 now. Keep the momentum going. Save our forests.
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Braeden Caley 🇨🇦 May 21
*Huge* turnout tonight for and in , exactly 5 months before Election Day! More than 16,000 British Columbians have signed up as new Liberals since the last election, and that grassroots support is growing every day 🇨🇦
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Steve_Filipovic 3h
Replying to @ArloCalhoun
I'm guessing you can explain how co2 243 ppm above its recently set and dangerous for being low record low is now too high? Notice the dust spike as Co2 reaches its low points? this is plants giving up and surrendering soil to the winds. No actual reason for .
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Norm Farrell, IN-SIGHTS.CA May 18
With a record of incompetence and corruption, tone-deaf BC Liberals face difficulties recruiting worthy candidates. So, they've issued an Internet casting call to everyone.
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