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Bitcoin 11h
See how easy it is to pay with Bitcoin Cash at Darwinos Burger Joint, next to the Venezuelan border in Cucuta, Colombia.
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Bitcoin 8h
Replying to @Bitcoin
Meanwhile, daily transactions on the Bitcoin Cash network are steadily growing.
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Egon Bitcoin BCH ✌️ Apr 14
. on Bitcoin Cash () "Things I am watching -- one of them is . I mean, price-wise, it seems to have recovered a lot from its slump recently, but also technology-wise, it seems like they are beating [Core] ()
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Eric Basiladze 4h
If you think BTC with its full block, high fee policy will be able to maintain market share, you are mistaken. It won’t, and it is time to move on to other things.
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UB Apr 17
- Looking for a test of the Range High as long as the Range POC + Green continue to act as Support.
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aWebAnalysis 4m
Bitcoin Cash BCH Current Price: $307.45 1 Hour: -0.05 % | 24 Hours: 3.39 % | 7 Days: 9.47 % cash
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Hodlonaut Carsten edition Apr 16
It's time to start to think about getting rid of next.
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Sebastien Bruyere Apr 15
Replying to @binance
are the real but not the real
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CryptoCookie Apr 17
Replying to @_Kevin_Pham
Both of you and camps are as bad as each other. The sooner these two scams die the better.
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Tobi Apr 17
Replying to @krakenfx
On to the next one!
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Bitcoin Superstore Apr 15
Now our customers can book flights/hotels found on and with ! Starting 1 May, U.S. based customers will be able to order groceries for delivery. Details:
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CoinDesk Markets Apr 15
/USD ASIA 📈 Large gap resistance on the weekly chart for . Bulls want a weekly close above $365 followed by a push beyond the red zone to demonstrate who's in control.
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Cryptosingh#130 18h
This week, I paid my my bills , I've remitted money using , I've onboarded people using , tried my luck at , bought discounted gift cards on . Oh and everyday I'm shuffling !
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Bitcoin Apr 15
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CryptoPanda Apr 15
Prediction: Everyone who buys today will bag more gains in 3 years than those who buy for the same fiat amount. 👍🐼🧡
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Akane Yokoo Apr 15
This week’s Tokyo weekly meetup will be in Ebisu‼️🍻 Let’s enjoy talking about our favorite cryptocurrency with fellow members at this bar that started accepting BCH last September 😊
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1jack 🌱 Apr 14
At launch, will support three native blockchain tokens: , , and . Non proof of work blockchains need not apply for listing. In fact, hopes to delist supported blockchains at an appropriate time in the future.
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🧐 Bitcoin Gent! 🧐 Apr 16
Now that everyone is delisting BSV, the next step is to !
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Koleya Apr 16
What attracts me to is the possibility of a system that creates; Redistribution of wealth. Decentralization of money. The end of Keynesian economics. Accountability for government spending. I don’t see or doing any of this. Their can only be one .
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Steven D. McKie Apr 18
Aside from some work that must be done of the education front, the Bitcoin Cash community looks poised to really innovate over the next 6months. Keep up the awesome work!
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