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CryptoKid Jun 16
The Development Fund has surpassed 30% of the initial goal- with over 835 donations! Thanks to everyone supporting the future of !
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CryptoBuyerSeller 4h
RT CryptonewsCom: Roger Ver: Claims that is on 'Brink of Collapse' are 'Fake News'
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underland Jun 9
The one thing this world needs is economic freedom let's make it happen
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DTC Crypto Trading Jun 16
Update on in addittion to my previos post about BCHABC, we currently see that the bulls might close the daily with a hammer on the trendline. This often results in a bounce.
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Martin Skieller Jun 15
is a shitcoin. It is going down. Seriously. Devs are fightning and acting like kids🤷‍♂️ Try not to laugh ☺️👇
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sees +14K users in the 1st week, lists the first token & more news in our most recent weekly news show. Join , & special guest discussing everything related. 📺
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has the same amount of hashrate had in Jan 2017. It also has the exact same mining pool distribution. Yes, BTC has a lot more hash than BCH, but if you think BCH is not secure enough then you must have thought the same of BTC in 2017. is set to explode. Watch it 😉
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Cryptonomia 28m
Trading activity for /USD , 373.66512 traded on Binance | Last Price: $408.55 |
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Our range of denominations have all been upgraded to POLYMER and now have greater SECURITY then ever!
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If you still hold & you know its going down. Do you swap for or ?
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aWebAnalysis 2h
Bitcoin Cash BCH Current Price: $409.14 1 Hour: -1.11 % | 24 Hours: -4.74 % | 7 Days: 5.69 % cash
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Bitcoin Cash Price 46m
Price of 1 BCH to USD: $409.07 (Change: -0.4 %) Price of 1 BCH to BTC: 0.04514089 Ƀ (Change: -0.79 %)
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Simple Trading - Crypto Jun 13
The most bearish of mainalts? *Unlike many other alts, BCH potential H&S top is still possible *It did not bounce with XBT and seems to have lost bullish momentum *Adding to my short orders - OUTSIDE of range, if H&S top closes
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Bitcoin SV Century 7h
If you have BCH and you think about selling them to BSV then it’s probably the right decision
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Frenchy's Crypto Charts Jun 11
Replying to @FrenchysCrypto
has confirmed a rising wedge (bearish) breakout and looks to target wedge and pennant continuation targets of $340 to $355.
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Nico 3h
Reached support at ~.045s sats as our previous analysis was seeing RSI entering oversold levels UCTS Sell signal on the 1D and 6H charts I don't see signals of bouncing/reversal here yet but stay alert (many iterations in the past with good results)
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Tron Universal Coin Jun 9
Airdrop 2 as begun 👉 Follow link 👈 Retweet 👍 Tag 5friends Join telegram TRON UNI CASH AIRDROP 10TUC PER REFFRAL 👌 PLEASE READ CAREFULLY 💯 Update❗Update ❗Update
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reizu Jun 13
is amazing. I love it. 👏 
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YeOldDoc ⚡📦 Jun 11
Hashrate is not the only thing that protects . Competent and moral devs are important for proper code review and responsible bug disclosure. We had fatal bugs in and that weren't exploited because devs valued crypto reputation higher than coins' market share.
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Litecoin Cash (LCC) Jun 17
Don't get us wrong. We love Bitcoin. What we don't love is a huge amount of energy it needs. But we found a robust solution. Join the Hive.
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