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Mrs.Hardison to U 💜 Feb 21
Man make u neverrrrr want to eat out AGAIN. This mess is so nasty the way these bars half cook food & half clean up smh.. wow this is y I cook at home. We barely eat out & I’m glad
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Jason Klindt Feb 10
I’ve watched a little too much this weekend. Does any bar survive the stress test? It’s 150 ppl at once. Most of these bartenders haven’t served 150 ppl in the last month, much less at once.
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Bar Rescue Feb 10
Who's watching right now? 🙋‍♂️
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Rossumedia Feb 19
I love it when Jon Taffer flips the fuck out
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Chef Brian Duffy Feb 13
I will never be back on ! Sorry for the disappointment... but i won’t be back
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Lane Bristow Feb 19
Show real courage to the world, and make real change. Co-host the Oscars with Make the Oscars Great Again! Big fan from Canada!
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Bar Rescue Updates Feb 5
Bar Rescue is returning with new episodes starting Sunday, March 3rd!
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Joseph Vincent Feb 10
Jon taffer is back with bar rescue March 3rd so that made my day
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Cracker McJackson Feb 10
Taffer Time.
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Levois J Feb 20
Been a few years since watching , too bad Comcast made SpikeTV err sorry a part of a higher priced package
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Jeremy Murphy Feb 10
Definitely can wait for the new episodes of coming in March.
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Abbie Spencer Feb 10
opening a restaurant only to let it fail so can come yell at me
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Dic Donohue Jan 7
I could not do data entry on a Monday without in the background
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Bar Rescue Feb 9
Are you ordering pizza, making your own pizza, or both? 🤔🍕
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Robert E. Lehman Feb 16
Replying to @jontaffer @gilandricks
How did it go with ?
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Ricky Miller Feb 7
Catching up on the show. Plus love watching Back To The Bar.
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Tyler Bello Jan 31
is the MAN!!! I’m inspired to open a bar.
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Capital K Feb 4
Replying to @jontaffer
All of your experts from
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Btruman392019 Feb 10
Replying to @BarRescue @jontaffer
Absolutely!! Nothing better then watching and Joon a sunday
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Mike Bloom 12h
March 3rd should be day so happy for new episodes on
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