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ronan fagan Feb 16
How are fixtures being played in such weather conditions, serious lack of conditions for players and travelling supporters, should have been a blanket postponement - the local amateur football organisation postponed all w/end games yday
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Sìsí Ronkę 2h
How's it that you are filled up from your meal, with leftover in your plate, but can still manage to eat your chicken/meat/fish or whatever add-ons?
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💖M💖 Feb 13
I just find it so bizarre that someone would unfollow me but then like a tweet I posted weeks after they unfollowed me! Why are they still looking on my page if they unfollowed me? I’m not in the mood for folly today!🤷🏾‍♀️
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Kahumate Feb 17
-4° if you look closely at this symbol you know it's 4 degrees But look again. Does it look a guy taking a shet?
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Roger-J Feb 15
Replying to @davidgold
This is such a bizarre decision, why doesn’t Moyes want him? It’s not like our defence is a brick wall, Winston is plenty good enough to compete for a spot, but instead you loan him out
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steve dimon Feb 10
Everytime opens his mouth he makes himself look a bigger twat, how is he still in politics
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Johnny Canucklehead 9h
Adults discussing the like it’s something to take seriously?
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PjlLghtHouse 18h
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Ben Gardner Feb 11
How do you come into this game not prepared for the 1-3-1?
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jacky... Feb 16
Replying to @JamesMelville
Why are remainers so obsessed with the colour of passports?
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Vindictus Veridian Feb 13
Replying to @tnewtondunn
Theresa Villiers a loud voice? Seems he just cut the most incompetent and just left the very incompetent in place... except Liz Truss which is
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Edel O Brien Feb 16
obviously isn’t a dancing competition anymore, it’s just a popularity contest did not deserve to go home didn’t deserve to be in the bottom 2
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Red Zebra Crossing Feb 15
Replying to @YourSouthend
Yes my wife & I were caught up in it too, how does a car doing 30 mph end up on its roof.
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Rangers@Bognor Feb 17
Don't understand how he can't get a decent run at Rangers Hope he comes back stronger ( again )
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. . . . Cierraaaaa💕 Feb 16
Y’all real life let other people steal your joy. More like you just give it to them.
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Heather Feb 13
Replying to @stlCupofJoe
They couldn’t find anything on the sign stealing until someone had to point to the trash cans. Not sure how thorough their investigation is. From nothingness to emails, trash can vids, etc.
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Hugh Tags Feb 10
Replying to @roisin_nicloch
I’ve no idea why anyone in Ireland who’s Irish see any problem with flyin their national flag @ any time 🤷‍♂️ 🇮🇪
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Christopher Durant Feb 15
Norwich fans getting cocky when they'll be yo yoing back down to the championship... Again, whilst Liverpool will be lifting the title.
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Stop Park And Ride at Stourton Feb 11
Replying to @hilarybennmp
It will be so expensive to get a ticket no one other than fat cat businesses will use it. Will become outdated by the time it’s built destroying woodland, homes and health. Why would you want something built that won’t mmeet carbon neutral targets
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ZOMBIE69 Feb 12
how bad were they eh ? but it wasn't corbyn and he won the argument .
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