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Kristin Burud-Wood Nov 19
You know the basics: Use soap and water and scrub for the length of the “Happy Birthday” song as you wash your hands.
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Malin Olofsson Nov 24
We have a new preprint out, and it’s really exciting! 😊
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ExeterMarine Nov 19
A team of students are working on an exciting new project called CalcifEXE to help repair degraded using genetically engineered ! 🐠 Find out more:
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convince their squid to create a less hostile work environment
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BacterialWorld Nov 22
Of microbots and bacterial ghosts - How bacteria could transport drugs within our bodies The cutest pictures by show you other ways of how can save this planet.
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BacterialWorld Nov 24
Have you read our latest about how are key players in vaccine research on by and ? If so, can you answer our question of the week about how bacteria can save this planet: How are bacteria involved in vaccine development?
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sindyreem✨ Nov 17
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Bryant Iowa HVAC Nov 23
Bryant’s EvolutionTM Air Purifier has been proven to inactivate 99% of Coronavirus and select captured and trapped in the filter through testing at the University of Colorado Department of Civil, Environmental and Architectural Engineering. 🔬
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Coating metal implants with found to promote healing while reducing infections
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BacterialWorld Nov 23
Read on about how researchers engineered hole-punching to kill other pathogens instead of attacking human cells.
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BacterialWorld Nov 21
Read in this colourful blog post on how the important fiber helps your body fight
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The National Collection of Type Cultures Nov 21
Some of the oldest strains within the collection were isolated from diseased animals
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BacterialWorld Nov 25
After a year of radiation, freezing and boiling temperatures, and no gravity, researchers brought spacefaring bacteria back to life. Interestingly, the survival rate of space-traveled was a lot lower compared to control bacteria living on Earth.
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AdvancedAg Inc. Nov 24
A testimonial from one of our dealers, . Their BrewTus unit was designed specifically to meet their brewing needs, and the built in software ensures a high-quality, consistent brewed product every time.
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(Cyriac) Abby Philips Nov 18
Wow thanks and , for this sweet honor for our work on how Intestinal affect, drive clinical outcomes in patients with severe rated ! Next week on sepsis & & 4 young investigator session!
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Research at Exeter Nov 20
The CalcifEXE project will see a team of students use a 3D bioprinter & genetically engineered to create “backbones” which could help repair degraded .
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Mrs Bucket Cleaning Nov 17
Don’t just empty your bins, them out! Make sure that once a week you use a strong cleaner or a bleach to clean out the base of the bin where hidden and dirt can build-up. 🙌 This will help with bad around the workplace! ❤️
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Sylvia Norman, PhD Nov 22
Replying to @MrsOlsen19
Sending you the bioluminescent greeting 🤣
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The National Collection of Type Cultures Nov 24
The significant increase in the incidence of in observed in recent years represents a significant challenge to public health worldwide
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