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Curtis Tries 18h
Thank you for all the attention troll lady! Got me some new followers and the look has over 500 likes. 😂
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seanquata Feb 19
Replying to @gtconway3d
If trump can get away with it, everyone else can! Y’all opened cans of worms that will be used against U when a Dem becomes Prez Pardon who you want. Hire your friends and family. Keep your biz and charge govt to use it. Use taxpayer $ for whatever‼️Lie,cheat,adultery
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Critiques Corner Feb 17
like the cover says has 4 mind-blowing short stories. by tells the story of Mitchell an aspiring novelist who is married to Tasha. He suspects her of cheating & decides to…
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UConnCornelius 15h
Replying to @BackAftaThis @Mets
Perfect. Thats what we need him to say.
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dmk 13h
Everything about Trump says . but it's like a retrovirus apparently, it can take years to manifest. Time catching up on you, Deleterious Donnie.
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Kyrstale$avage Feb 19
Where the 💨 theirs fire 🔥 you can trace back all bullshit to this one incident.
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Wesley 4h
I shoulda never tweeted that lol
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Lovetogive2 Feb 18
Replying to @adamcbest
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Guy Emerson Mount 14h
Word on the millennial street (direct from my 16 year-old daughter) is that any candidate running ads that delay their YouTube viewing by even 5 seconds is going to have a hard time. The more they run those adds the more millennials will be annoyed at their platitudes.
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Mark Davis Feb 19
Replying to @jimgeraghty
It appears so, and the takeaway is that her question was stupid.
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Chelsea Belle Feb 19
Watch as the DNC's own new standard about "manipulated videos," adopted by twitter, bites their star player in the ass.
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Ali Alibhai 17h
There's a saying, "The one who digs a "" for others to fall in, often ends-up in that himself". , , etal almost always . So far, profits enormously from and keeping the INFERNO of burning.
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Sassy Scarlett 9h
Replying to @RealSLokhova
God is behind Trump. When will they learn? All their hoaxes will
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Chelsea Belle Feb 18
Replying to @yi_otter @tedcruz and 4 others
Probably , & came up with that AMAZING bit of campaign strategy while whipping up a batch of cheese pizza w/ walnut sauce, as they do. After spending decades demoralizing us, ironic that they would overestimate what was left, isn't it.
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justbeinpetty Feb 19
Replying to @AP_Oddities
This is not going to work as intended.
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Sara Jo Cluff Feb 19
Uh, , I just saw your commercial with a Filet-o-fish in it and now I'm craving one, so I'm going to to get one.
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Ali Alibhai 21h
The strategy of the to keep & some exploitable fmr will in their faces & endanger their citizens' lives more & more. Cajoling arbitrarily & betraying will . , , etal
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Gus A R 11h
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Pat357 Feb 14
image interpreted 3D of the illustrates the difficulty of extinction in a mountain range that is not found in Even the use of is not the same This is not typical of but there is a very hard work to do
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Sari Storch Mathes Feb 19
I just donated again. I think it's time to show 'em that piling on is going to with a .
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