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Jeremy Thomerson Nov 25
Replying to @ShortJared @ben11kehoe
I think "transparency with outages, and better usage of the PHD" should be a high-priority item for all of us.
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Ben Kehoe Nov 25
Replying to @ben11kehoe
for CloudFormation to process errors from Lambda better, so that this error message can be more helpful.
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Michael Brewer Nov 24
- On my for Amplify (other than good python support). Would be better support for managing security and policies of the console hosting, cognito and appsync. eg: Setting a WAF on console hosted, TLS1.3, Custom domains for appsync
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Ken Robbins Nov 23
It would be great to have custom EventBridge busses be valid EB targets without the "default" and "other account" caveats noted in the doc: "The default event bus of another AWS account." Particularly important when integrating partner event source busses.
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Geoff Baskwill Nov 23
a canonical icon for streams to use in architecture diagrams. Everyone (including me) draws their own, and in a / “modern application” world many diagrams use it.
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Geoff Baskwill Nov 29
It would be super-handy if the VTL utilities included a ULID / KSUID function, so that we wouldn't need a Lambda function when all we need is a sortable ID.
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AWS Support Nov 26
Replying to @marknca
That's a good thought, Mark! 💭 I've made our Neptune team aware of your . ^MN
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Michael Brewer Nov 25
Another would be a cross-region checkbox for Amplify (and serverless options in general)
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Julio Nov 24
That is great. Now i just wish upon an that step functions gets exposed as lambda functions (without me having to write the "trigger"), for "transparent composition".
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Darryl Hughes Nov 26
having to monitor US-East-1 outage. Please keep at times consistent in one Time zone, UTC (and use 24hr clock) on personal health dashboard. The summaries are in 24hr clock & UTC but all EventData is in PST and AM/PM format, with no mention change of day.
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Erik Peterson Nov 23
The session catalog website is an absolute disaster! Why can’t I just download a spreadsheet?
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David Bonet Nov 28
server side autoincremented integer counters for QLDB Ledger. Bringing sequentiality to the data, allowing event sourcing patterns without requering kinesis.
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Sebastian Hesse Nov 25
Oouuuh, is already rolling and is just around the corner! What updates are you waiting for?
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Ben Bridts‏ Nov 24
No detection for endless loops. Related : show the execution event history in reverse (latest first) order
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Ashish “Logmaster” Boston Nov 28
Time to consider having aws show system inter dependency diagrams for each service so we can consider failure points when building our apps to run on aws.
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Andrew Fitzgerald Nov 25
Step Functions : I'd like some type safety for the context object. It'd be nice if I could declare that: * Lambda A has output schema X * Lambda B has input schema Y and be able to validate before deploying that my context mapping from A->B is valid.
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James Miller Nov 29
Replying to @theburningmonk @adhorn
Cognito is an unfortunate blocker for multi-region serverless active-active. Really wish user pool passwords weren’t stuck in a single region.
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Michael Wittig Nov 27
DynamoDB Backup restore always creates a new table, right? It would be nice to allow us to restore data to an existing empty table that is managed by CloudFormation.
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Michael Brewer Nov 27
my would be to have `ClientMetaData` from InitiateAuth and AdminInitiateAuth to passed through to Pre Token Generation Lambda to allow for sub-scoping a token.
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AWS Support Nov 28
Replying to @ashishlogmaster
Hi Ashish, thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. I have passed your along internally for review. 📨 ^JO
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