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Princess T 11h
Meeting the families over Skype 😳
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Sarah French 7h
I told a colleague “I love Vue” and found out how similar ‘Vue’ and ‘you’ can sound to someone
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Therethereshhh 9h
Replying to @LondonFire
Wax lyrical indeed, since you can’t say “common sense” anymore 😬
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nottherealLMHC 7h
alumni and go head to head this weekend as Stockton ones face off against Doncaster Twos, who’s goin.....doesn’t matter Drizzle is in the twos
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Gary with 1 r 12h
Replying to @DustyPee @a_dzytj
Are you on Insta?
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SilvanaF 11h
That was
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Esther Lanham 2h
Hope Timm isn’t doing a pre-record in the studio next door with 😬
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carly bates Nov 12
Someone else crying on your behalf: !
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Gemma Dunning 21h
Replying to @smoorns
Erm, you ARE coming to find me right?
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Jess Dimaro 13h
I’m in Dubai at the moment and some cultures here go for three kisses! I normally stop at two...and it can get a bit as I’m pulled in for a third 😂
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Megan Dale ♐️💖 Nov 13
I have sensors and cameras on my car and I’ve still just managed to reverse into a post. I think that’s quite an achievement tbh 😂😂😂🙈 🚘
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at sushi rn and hearing a super awkward first date happening behind me 🤣 Dying to just jump in and fill in the empty conversation. talk about anything !! Weather ? Snow ? Drake ?! Omggg 😫
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Marianka Swain Nov 9
OMG can't wait for someone to fill in Motsi on the events of last series
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g eeeee Nov 12
Replying to @paige_laidler
actually i’m leaving the country to avoid you ....
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Chris Stoddart Nov 8
When you bump into an ex on a visit back home and she calls you “stud” not “Stod”infront of your wife🤦🏼‍♂️
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Thomas Blackmore Nov 8
Not sure of the relevance Chief. Just pointing out you were about 24 hours late to the now defunct discussion.
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Mark Scott Nov 8
Replying to @WhatsApp
Oh, final point: am told that FB invited all Spanish political parties to a meeting in Oct. The parties thought it was about helping them use the platform to reach voters. Instead, FB execs told them they were now banned from .
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Dad with a job with a hat esq. Nov 7
I wear Star Wars underwear a lot. Mainly as I’m a geek. However after a large crash at work as my car slammed into the concrete wall at 100 mph It wasn’t my life but my underwear choice that crossed my mind as I pictured the ambo crew cutting away my trousers and ...
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Kelly Chisholm Nov 10
When your nieces ask you how the Kardashians got so famous!!? 😳🙈😱 ehm defo not ready for that chat girls, ask again in another 8 years!! 😂😂😂
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Hannah Crich Nov 8
When your parents send you to pick up a takeaway from Gulab that they’ve actually ordered from Zahid😳
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