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Meghan Graham Jun 19
My man-child graduated grade 8 tonight! He even won an award: Personal Commitment to Progress Award.
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pauline stephenson Mar 14
Replying to @Grandmaval1
This Probably wil not help but I didn’t Potty Train my Diva, I left it up to her, I was so nervous as she was about to Start School, then 1 Day at 4 1/2 she Tore her Disposable off and declared she was a Big Girl 💙💙💙
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Melissa☠️🌊☠️ Aug 15
Replying to @JDMorgan
Id love a follow to complete my perfection trifecta!! Melissa and Norman already follow.
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Luv Wins ✊🏾 Resist 🌊🌊🌊 Apr 12
That’s right our kids may have autism but that doesn’t mean that they cannot be beneficial assets in the world 🧩
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Gia Gotham Oct 25
My morning before work 💕 he always needs to watch the train Too bad for him the new house doesn’t have a train track in the back yard, good for me though! ☺️
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☔Renée☔ Guard Dogg Oct 12
Replying to @iamjaywalker
you know how that goes. Cabin fever? Check! Case of the sillies? You betcha.. are Shenanigans possible on here? OH Ya!
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Grace Shared 16 Dec 18
When the doctors give you a list of all the things your child with autism will never do and he continues to prove them wrong over and over again! Our God is greater! 🙌🏽
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Amy Braun-Gross 4h
This came up on my Facebook memories. First time you retweeted something of mine.
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LadyDraconus Jun 14
Looking at getting this one on myself for my son. Never been inked. So gotta get the courage first. 😊
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Tina Langlois Oct 28
Nothing about them without them please!
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TADE Autism Center Feb 11
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Shannon Bearman 🌊 May 29
Replying to @AGT @Kodileerocks
I sobbed while watching this with my daughter and husband. Our little guys can do anything they set their minds too...
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Krista Ryan Feb 23
Replying to @CityCynthia
you are awesome!
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Melissa☠️🌊☠️ Aug 12
Replying to @BrianLynch
My daughter is literally obsessed with Secret Life of Pets (not a question 🤣) ♥️
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B R E N D A Feb 9
I was sitting in the car with Joseph and he gets all in my face grabs my face and says “luv you “ I’m shook and my heart is filled with happiness today ,love my son so much
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Kathleen Rall May 14
My Jim got his medal today at Track and Field Day! # 💙🏅
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Kennedy Ryan Aug 11
Highlight of (among so many!) was running onstage like a madwoman to accept a $5k check from & Co on behalf of benefitting their autism programming! What is this life that I get to be involved w/2 such remarkable orgs?
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Jennifer Lynn Oct 8
When your sons school number pops up and they call to tell you he earned an award for being responsible 💕
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Amy Braun-Gross Feb 20
8 years ago. My Spencer. My family. My niece and nephew.
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Katie Feb 20
Was just prompted on a query sub to state my favorite HP character. I said “Hermione is my kindred, but I have a soft spot for Sirius Black.” I answered incorrectly. Definitely should have said both my kids
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