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prconversations 22h
Declare Existential Crisis Over Onion Placement , a chain of hardware stores, upended tradition and suggested people put onions on the bottom and not the top of their sausages. Aussies were not impressed, writes for
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Ozesurfer 1h
Don't worry KK we're right behind you & the whole country knows is just a temporary PM ! The fact that he didn't do the right thing by & call a general election immediately upon taking office will ensure he wrote himself into a place in the infamy of !
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Joanna Trite 4h
Replying to @BBCWorld
How do look at a sky that colour and NOT think "we're all going to die". ?
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Elvis Costa 23h
Replying to @smh @TurnbullMalcolm
Was Turnbull ever a ? For progressive , he was a disappointment of a prime minister.
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Kranky Kerry Nov 20
Why is a Failed Advertising Exec who got sacked by the LNP more popular as preferred P.M , Appears love mediocrity
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James E Daspit 8h
will grant access to products from its main website, walking back a decision made earlier this year that angered its customers in the country. The online retailer had announced that it would redirect Australians to a local to comply with changes to
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Nectar CC 5h
are more on and recreation than ever before, according to the latest results from Commonwealth Bank’s Household Satisfaction Index. For more info, check out this great article 👇🏽👇🏽
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Dr Lewes Peddell Nov 18
Most young satisfied with lives, enjoy school, and report good health. Less so among young people with disability, young carers, materially disadvantaged young people, and Indigenous young people. includes access to open data.
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Lee Howard 3h
Its a cruel, greed driven industry! Approx 80% of are against it. Our current govt supports it due to bribes & corruption to keep it going. A bill has passed our senate to phase it out, but our moronic PM is blocking the debate in the lower house.
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BuilderRefusedStone Nov 16
Have always hated and will always hate your , physical and numerical superiors. Race of frauds, Britain's trash, recessive cavemen of the Caucasus.Prisoners and criminals from your origins, from the very beginning of your history. Which you share with .
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greg hoey writer 6h
Replying to @nytopinion @pryorlisa
lisa b honest,only reason why your piece was published was cause it misrepresents & runs down australians & their country. Which is what NYT & americans as well brits, just luv to fantasise about, ie., that [specifically white ones] are all stupid iredeemable racists?
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Michelle Joly 13h
Vegemite tasting for the first time... with a couole of
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Trent F Nov 20
Replying to @insidethe49
Those are crazy...
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Ajit kumar ranjan Nov 14
Replying to @TurnbullMalcolm
I am pretty sure!! must be missing you!! And it good to see you often!!
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Big News Network Nov 20
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M N A 6h
.com said on Thursday it would stop blocking from shopping on its much larger site after a customer backlash, dumping an unpopular policy the retail giant had said was necessary to comply with tax law.
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lexidafree Nov 18
Whenever I see my cat staring intensely at something innocuous I know there is in fact a spider lurking.
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Tony Curtis Nov 15
What’s the new album like ?
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Antoin O'Domhnaill Nov 18
wants to give a Jerusalem embassy. He gave Australian's Aboriginal people's . Why does he care more about Israel than he does about ? Why is he risking our free trade deals.for Israel? $$$ 👼 why would he do this?
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greg hoey writer Nov 17
Replying to @nytimestravel
More anti-australian cultural chauvinism brought to you by the idiots -honestly why do americans have this need to make & australians look so gauche and unsophisticated? At least do not live in an ignorant goddamn cultural vacuum?
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