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David Morgan 13h
Β£200k for Seat Repairs in the Council Chamber at a time when Adult Social Care is on its knees is just grossly insensitive and a slap in the face to the people of that are continuing to suffer service cuts, council tax increases, and continued .
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eleanor birmingham Feb 17
You're talking like "you should have a job". You're forgetting that THOUSANDS of people working full time are BROKE. We have nurses using food banks for example... What would like be like without nurses. Eleanor, from Bristol
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Stuart 18h
Do you think the MPs know they’ve doomed us to a and years more of ? Or perhaps they just don’t care.
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BeautifulMadness.... 16h
Replying to @ThirdSectorLab
No! Tectonic shifts like this can mean only one thing...that Scotland's call to destiny is near...and we qualify for the World Cup πŸ™ a once in my lifetime my hope for Indy 2 might yet be realised from the ruins of & ✌️
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David 22h
You've just cut the first bus at 0600 on the number 10 in Church Crookham and reduced the rest of the service! πŸ‘ well done
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Paul-Francois Tremlett 15h
Replying to @TheIndGroup
I get where you stand on . What I don't get is where you stand on . Corbyn is wrong on the former but right about the economy which, as currently configured, resembles more a Ponzi scheme for the rich than a system of exchange. What will you do about it?
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angryray66 #NoPVYesGE  #GTTO #JC4PM2019 5h
Can I ask you what did to fight ? Or didn't that affect you?
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Bryn Stuart Jones 9h
Replying to @brynstuartJones
Save the for those who need it.We must not lose Britain’s heart for the sake of false . & save our support πŸ™πŸ€žβœŒοΈπŸ‡¬πŸ‡§
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Jane 15h
Biggest mistake ever will backfire more will join as its revealed to public powerful individuals trying any way to stop labour under returning it to grassroots ethos.Abusing & libelling to stop their cash cow riches of
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πŸŽ‰2020 is almost here!πŸ‘ŒπŸΎπŸ˜€ 21h
Replying to @coaldragon
Going to try some sketching in my new Moleskine sketchbook.
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Nick Jansen 12h
Replying to @BiddleIan @ChukaUmunna
So he opposes the symptom not the cause - Neoliberal
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Hovellin' Hermit 8h
Replying to @HovellingHermit
Britain today, all those who are suffering under the years of a harsh regime, a regime which has favoured the very rich over the poor, who have inflicted on those least able to afford it. So to me, they are traitors, they have abused the trust of the very
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Alresford Bear and the Town Mill Teddy Posse 18h
Tell ye what culture stinks. and endorsing mechanisms which find people fit for work after death.
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Sara 15h
''The worst levels''-people feeling insecure/pessimistic about their household income.Especially in retail workπŸ€”,perhops people haven't got Β£spare for shopping. Not spending in the local economy. In the end reaches your spending power/diminishing town centres/profit.
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urbanspat 15h
You mean we can now have and then more under the tories. Thanks
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Alison McGovern 19h
When I was growing up, if something good happened - not political - anything good - my Dad would describe it as a 'Labour Gain'. Can never turn my back on the fight to see win. The madness of , & how turned out makes it all the more important.
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Sean 3h
How many jobs & investment do we have to loose before wealthy people stop saying . How many need to die on trolleys in hospitals, Brexit supporting billionaires move abroad to avoid tax, when filling their own pockets? You were fooled, get a grip
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Corbyn's Jewish Cat #JC4PM2019 53m
Replying to @Sathnam @elfbrooks
Moral courage of voting for and wars that have kid women and children. - that is funded from a tax haven. - of promoting the privatization of water simply b/c one has a husband that profits from it. I think you need to reassess what morality really is.
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Paul Rogers 9h
I see Chukka Umunna of the Nothing party was telling us Labour is "not fit for purpose". What new do they have to offer except more under a Bliarite rubric?
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π’±π’Ύπ“‚π“‰π‘œ Feb 17
if goes anymore deeper, we won't be using ford escorts or 80's motors, we'll be building chariots..
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