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n9birds Dec 9
Replying to @ClinpsychLucy
As suggested by , the core questions of the is another way that psychologists can account for the impacts of when assessing and formulating
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Sara 4h
Replying to @mcDarke @CarolineLucas
is a Tory political choice
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OneTenTwelve 2m
Replying to @vincecable
I should visit the doctors Vince, I’m no Doctor but it looks like Alzheimers is setting in, can’t you remember when you failed to turn up for a crucial can’t you remember when you jumped into bed with Cameron and helped push through
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Black Moses 🇿🇼🇿🇲 Dec 10
1 slice of Pizza 🍕 is enough for a lady Go argue with the economy
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Geraint Jones 49m
What about if (more!) people lose their jobs because of ?
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Jane 6h
is statesmanlike,a listener, careful with detail wants to protect nation's public services education,wants to restore justice for UK & stop rip off utilities,nationalise transport,stop what's to choose?
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El Christo 5h
Replying to @evertonfc2
This is as disturbing as it is true. is poor people paying for the sins of the wealthy.
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johndambudzo 7h
Replying to @MthuliNcube
my guy u r wrking with the most retarded & selfish leaders on the planet. but they dangerous coz they gor guns n stuff .. so u cnt run. always comes with a bit of cancer & cyanide esp when dancing wi zanu. enjoy.
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HT4Ecosocialism #GTTO 3h
Ask what the EU did to prevent in the UK. Ask what the EU has done to Greece.
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Wasilios Katsioulis Dec 10
especially are under pressure as p- opulists tend to increase and that despite paretoinefficiency
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Gayle Frances Larkin 49m
You agreed, and signed the , so now is not the time to go back on your undertaking, not with all the rest of the disingenuous, nonsensical verbiage from your colleagues. successfully through parliament immediately, and reverse all measures now.
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Jane Dec 10
Is fit to serve?Her rudeness on is a disgrace to civil debate between partys,desperate abuse from MPs who stand to lose their seats from their total conviction in creating poverty through nailed her to rights bang on
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The know we won't protest, as thanks to their choice, nobody can afford the time off work to attend a protest. Maybe they DO know what they're doing after all.
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The Canary US 3h
Neoliberalism is a highly toxic form of capitalist extremism. *Everyone* needs to be aware of what it is and the immense damage and suffering it's caused around the world.
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English National Party Dec 9
The has not helped the Englishmen and women in the North. The steel and coal industry that was shut down under Thatcher's rule requires revitalisation. This can only be achieved through local government, one of the hardest-hit victims of .
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Beccy Cooper 4h
is far from over. At Council tonight, Leader states that on the plus side, our budget can't be reduced much further. Local Authorities working on a shoestring - any one else think this isn't optimal for our communities?
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🎀 spirito  🇮🇹 giusto 🎀 ☮️ #GTTO #stopthewars 3h
it seems that the , as instructed by the central bankster mafia, has been inflicted on europe and GB simultaneously for the past 10 years if that doesn;t scream victimisation of the people en masse, i don't know what does, we are talking about 400-500 million people
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redsarah 3h
"Britain's  measures have inflicted huge misery on the poorest in society, as the number of people living in poverty reaches 14 million according to a new UN report."
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John Chap 18h
Hey - this is what does in the real world that you have forgotten about. Constant cuts to the means these criminals feel safe enough to commit this level of crime! Start caring about the country rather than posturing over brexit.
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SheffGives 7h
A THIRD of children in a typical classroom of 30 are now living in as more working parents cannot make ends meet, have said. Child poverty has been rising since 2011/12, much faster than expected based on population growth
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