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Thanh Viet Pham Oct 8
Replying to @rogerfederer
See you in 2019!
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#AusOpen 6h
Top of the table. locks up the year-end No.1 ranking for the second consecutive year. Congratulations πŸ‘
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C20mwell πŸπŸŽΎπŸ†πŸ¨πŸRF20 Oct 8
They've dropped the 2019 finals tx by 25% on 2018 prices. Due to tiered prices hard to know if this is across all tx. It's a anyway
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William Caldwell Oct 8
Some of the things announced by the are brilliant. If I had to pick one as a favourite, I'd say the electronic review on all match courts. Wonderful. πŸ‘
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#AusOpen Oct 14
We feel your pain, . Get well soon πŸ™
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Josh Peters Oct 11
Replying to @Qianna_Smith @usopen
Absolutely 😎😍🎾 🎨
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Fantasy Golf Fan Oct 10
i noticed last night when i was going though the market for the golf this week i saw the market and noticed some good gets the tournament in a month
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The Field 19h
semi-finalist Hyeon Chung set to play in second edition of
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Hilman Hambali Oct 10
Booked tickets for the first two RLA night sessions for the . Really hoping to see Federer once πŸ™
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Jydoxicated Oct 14
Well Australia is bubbling to be a humdinger for the WTA Tennis...Kiant wait!
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#AusOpen Oct 8
Replying to @OrvilleLloyd
Hello! There will be a Heat Stress Index to replace Extreme Heat Policy at 2019. More information to come.
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AUS-X Open supercross 2018 Live Oct 14
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γƒ†γƒ‹γ‚Ήθ©¦εˆβ˜…εε ΄ι’ε‹•η”» 11h
RT AustralianOpen: BREAKING: Timber surface to debut at 2017!
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Moon Oct 12
i can't believe i just booked an ticket
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Vittorio R  Stewart Oct 6
Replying to @AustralianOpen @WTA
Come on Federer,Nadal and Sharapova let's do this 2019
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HappySlamTennis Oct 12
Court 3 liking awwsome!
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The Tennis Guru Oct 6
Times flies so fast! Australian Open
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Livinia Nixon Oct 7
You can catch me tonight on 9newsmelbourne Live from . Tix for go on sale tomorrow people!! Some are only $5....special price for you! …
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Ladies Who Tennis Oct 13
If you think negatively, it's hard to get out of tense moments. β€”
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#AusOpen Oct 11
The best tennis players in the world battling it out in Melbourne’s backyard. Epic matches unfolding on our iconic blue courts. The city skyline providing a picturesque backdrop for the action. 2019 is just around the corner...
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