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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom 11h
The Aussies meetup is now approved and online! Thu 5 Sep 5.15pm at Looking forward to meeting folk there. There will be Tim Tams... 👋🏻🇦🇺
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Caddie 6h
Good news, we’re not heading for recession. Even if the US goes into recession, it wouldn't be enough to throw Australia in, according to Larry Kudlow and Aussie Economists. You can read more info in the article from Yahoo Finance
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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom 7h
Replying to @FinCon
While we're at it, here's the beginnings of an Aussies at Twitter list. Let me know if you want to be added!
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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom Aug 20
ICYMI: brings you the best Australian and posts, news and events each Monday. Get it here!
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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom Aug 18
Hey , have fun at the premiere in Melbourne tonight! I included this along with other events in today’s . Keen to hear what you think of the film.
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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom Aug 16
Some news and why ETFs are still the way to go. , what do you think re: your recommended ARG, AFIC LICs in this context?
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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom Aug 14
Just submitted an "Aussies at " meetup for Thu 5 Sep afternoon. Australians, expats, allies and Aussie-curious welcome to attend. Stay tuned for official details once approved and in the app!
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That Career Girl Aug 16
A step by step guide on how I set up my ETF portfolio using SelfWealth, Computershare and Sharesight.
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Venture Magazine Aug 14
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On the hunt for a used ? 🚗 Check out which ones Aussies are loving... ⬅️😍
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Jon Løkke May 12
Old mate did the math. This policy will pretty much be useless within Sydney and Melbourne, which, ironically, is where first home buyers face the toughest hurdle in purchasing a home.
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LendAI Jul 15
Sydney and Melbourne hit their highest clearance rates for a year! a sign of recovery in the housing market?
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Are you an Aussie business? 😎 says there's an easy way to heaps: ⬅️👀
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Looking to have a productive ? 😎 Time to crunch the numbers and save money on your . 💯💵 Our top picks... 🏆➡️
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Cameron Reilly Aug 14
Tony talks about the Aussie economy, the value of the dollar & whether or not value is dead. We then analyse our company of the week, Coronado Coal ($CRN).
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LendAI Jul 8
Melbourne's clearance rate hit 68.9% last week according to CoreLogic a recovery in the housing market in progress?
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Caddie Aug 5
10-year low for Aussie dollar hits 10-year low due to falls in mining and financial sectors amid escalating US-China trade war. Find out more at
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R. Reddit Feb 24
Australia is in stage two of a five-stage process as the country’s debt-financed asset bubble bursts (from /u/yuckyucky)
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Buy, Hold Long May 22
All you Aussie finance people... Should I include my wife's Super and HECS in my Net Worth reports? I have only included my info for ages. We are having a baby and I don't see her working and earning enough to be paying back any HECS for the next 10+ years.
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Michelle FrugalityandFreedom Aug 8
4 weeks to go until and I go full ! • Flights booked from NZ: ✅ • Airbnb sorted with other bloggers: ✅ • Volunteer shift at registration desk locked in: ✅ • Writing mentor match requested: ✅ • meetup scheduled: TBC • Fun times: IMMINENT
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